In a Vase on Monday: Violets etc

I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden again for her weekly meme, and am pleased my violets have lasted long enough for me to use this week as it has been hot!

They look sweet in my collection of miniature violet Hammersley chinaware, some of which was given to me by my Mum, and the rest belonged to my late grandmother.

In the little pitcher there are two shades – the normal purple found growing in the wild around here too, and a paler one which I think is a truer match to the painting on this jug.

The tiny perfume bottle contains purple again, with some reddish ones which have also been turning up for a few years now.

And in the miniature ginger jar are the yellowy creamy ones – Viola odorata ‘Sulphurea’, which seem to be a deeper colour than usual this spring. I bought one plant many years ago and they have sown themselves all down the pathway now.

I just couldn’t resist picking a few other little treasures while walking around the garden and ended up with this little vaseful.

Primulas and cowslips, pinky red Corydalis, hyacinths, puschkinia, forsythia, anemones, forget-me-nots, and a daffodil. All proper names forgotten, but I am so happy to see them I am not bothered about details!

It is so lovely to have lots of vases of flowers indoors again – as I have said many times before, this meme has had a profound impact on me and my garden! Thanks to Cathy and I look forward to visiting all the other vases over the next couple of days.

Have a good week!



60 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Violets etc

  1. Cathy your violet chinaware is precious and such a legacy…perfect to add violets from your garden……all sweet vases that leave me smiling. I can’t wait to see my violets in weeks to come. And glad to hear you are warm/hot. We are finally warming here!

    • I haven’t smelt the violets once Marian. But then they do supposedly have that effect of switching off the sense of smell so that most people do only catch a brief whiff of them. The Hyacinths smell gorgeous though! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh yes it really is an exciting time – and this comes over in your exuberance today πŸ™‚ I especially like your violets in the Hammersley china – lovely to see them flowering as here they spread around the garden but very rarely seem to flower. I noticed today though that the little apricot one I had from Chloris is flowering for the first time – so sweet πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing today

  3. Spring has found its way to your garden! Lovely vase and your Hammersley china is charming and perfect for displaying your violets. I am intrigued by the yellow one. I must see if I can find seeds for it.

  4. I love violets too and it is always exciting when there are enough to pick. I particularly love the apricot one. And how sweet they look in your Hammersley china.

  5. Cathy your porcelain Hammersley decorated with violets is very beautiful and a family memory. Your violets are so beautiful in porcelain, all colors, it’s very beautiful! I love the large vase as well as the amount of beautiful flowers it has. Many Primulas, the Jacintos with their perfume, the anemones … It is a magnificent vase. And I’m glad it’s hot! At last the Spring arrived! Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

      • I’m afraid not Cathy. Here in Spain it is snowing over the 600 meters that is most of the country, and in the rest it rains a lot and it is very cold. We are in the winter, raw. In Madrid it rains a lot but the mountains of Madrid that are only 60 km away are super snowy, as they had never been before. And he is expected to be like this all week. That’s why I have your flowers to know what Primavera is. Thanks Cathy. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. I have a softspot for vintage china, and this Hammersley pattern is beautiful. I love that it was handed down to you from your Mum and grandmother. Overall, this is such a cheerful, bountiful collection of spring flowers. Thank you for sharing!

  7. You couldn’t have more perfect vases for your little gems! I’m glad Spring has found you at last and is already sharing its bounty. Most of the delicate blooms in your last vase are virtually foreign here as even our spring weather isn’t hospitable for them.

    • Yes, my violets were wilting a bit in the unseasonably warm spell we have had, and they tend to find nice damp spots to spread too. πŸ˜‰ Glad I can share some ‘exotics’ with you Kris – it is usually the case that your flowers are things I can’t grow either! LOL!

  8. Such lovelies! That reddish violet is wonderful and I like the creamy ones too. It’s hard to be violets in spring. At my old house they used to grow wild and I kept a little vase on the kitchen windowsill.

  9. As soon as I see primulas I think of my grandmother’s garden. I need to come up with new adjectives, Cathy. For the past couple of weeks I’ve referred to how sweet your little arrangements are, and I’m doing it again! The miniature aspect is so appealing to me!

  10. Perfect little posies in charming containers – and a miniature ginger jar! Never knew such a thing existed! I love that little pale yellow violet … I have a white one that self-sowed on my steps and always feel spring rejoicing when I see it every year at this time. Thanks Cathy!

    • It is nice that flowers have special meanings for us and we literally jump for joy (or I may even squeal on occasions!) when we see the first one!

  11. Hooray for spring! Lovely posies and spring flowers. My grandmother had the same china and purple glassware. The violets grew like weeds in my mother’s garden, so I love to see them.

    • I am sure I have some other miniature chinaware somewhere, but hopefully the flowers will be getting bigger now that spring is moving along and I will need larger vases! LOL!

  12. Sweet violets indeed Cathy and good to hear that it’s hot with you. I believe that we will experience that pleasant shock to the system next week. I didn’t manage a vase on Monday although I contemplated it on Sunday. Funnily enough my contender for a vase was a Royal Albert Flowers Of The Month tea cup and the featured flower was violets. Your china collection is most lovely and must be precious to you.

    • I do hope the UK gets some sunny weather like we have had. My Mum said it was wet and chilly all last week. It has been lovely and warm and not too windy, so perfect for getting outdoors for a spring clean!

  13. I love violets too and you’ve displayed so beautifully, the vases are delightful. V. odorata is growing everywhere around here and on a warm day the woods are filled with their delicious scent. Sadly the temperatures haven’t been that high but we’re due to get great weather soon, so here’s hoping πŸ™‚

    • The scent of violets is something I only occasionally can smell. My sense of smell is usually very keen, but they elude me! I hope you do soon get some of this warm sunshine we have had Annette – everything is slowly but surely turning green here. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

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