In a Vase on Monday: Gold Dust

The pollen has been dreadful the past week or so. Thank goodness I am not a hayfever sufferer, but even I have felt my eyes itching and nose running. It seems everything flowered at once: the maples and sycamores, oak, lime, beech, all the evergreens, the larch, and the birch. The birch is apparently releasing extra pollen this year too, as it is a ‘mast year’ (see links below). Apparently birches have mast years every other year, while other trees only every 6-8 years. We have had ‘pollen storms’ where the sky has literally been a hazy yellow, and everything is coated with yellow dust – hence the title ‘gold dust’!

And my vase, as you can see, is golden this week. 😉

The Kerria japonica is looking gorgeous, as are (don’t laugh!) the dandelions! I added some more weeds – Lamium (yellow archangel) and some fern leaves as well as a sprig of green Euphorbia (unknown/forgotten) and some of the small Euphorbia polychroma. Then a stem of Epimedium ‘Amber Queen’ went in, and finally this elegant lemony yellow tulip. The Forsythia vase was used again simply to complete the colour scheme, but with the plain back facing.

Why not join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden too? Her addictive meme is such fun, and visiting vases from other parts of the world is always an inspiration!



Information on mast years: