In a Vase on Monday: Feeling the Heat

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden invites us each Monday to join her in gathering materials from our gardens to put in a vase. As for all the other gardeners who participate, this has become quite a ritual and I do look forward to Mondays like never before!

For this week’s vase I collected some flowers from the garden on Sunday, as the forecast for Monday was even hotter. Well, as I write (at 1pm) it’s 29°C already. Phew!

The Philadelphus has been in flower for a few days now and both the single and the double variety were picked for their cooling effect. They do tend to look as if they are drooping in the heat, but this is purely their growth habit!

A single white Campanula has shown up after all (although not where I scattered the seed!) so I decided to cut that as well.

I added a little pink Spiraea and some Vetch too. (It is so pretty I let it grow here and there).

The frothy white Centranthus looked quite sad after I plucked it from the garden and I wondered how it manages to survive the dry rockery if it is that sensitive. (It perked up an hour or so later). A few hosta leaves were added around the base and the bouquet was tied up with a fern leaf before being placed in a round vase.

It all smells heavenly, although I know we may be moving it away from the dining area soon as we are a bit sensitive to perfumed flowers – except for peonies of course! 😉 Here is a shot of some of the last beauties picked last week. A couple of buds are still hanging on outdoors, so the season has been pretty good in retrospect, and we are just going into the fifth week of them. In even better years the different ones I grow have stretched across six weeks.

If you grow peonies, how long does your peony season last?

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