In a Vase on Monday: Asters and Co.

On Mondays, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden invites us to join her in gathering materials from our gardens to put in a vase or similar container.

I cheated a little this week, since I am still out in the country and am only paying infrequent visits to my flower garden. So these flowers were actually picked last Wednesday and transported in a large bucket!

Originally I had two vases – one crammed full with the Alma Poetschke Asters and the unnamed Aster Annette gave me a couple of years ago…

The asters surprised me, flowering earlier and more profusely then ever without a drop of water from me all summer. Definite winners!

The second vase is simply a mix of all the best from the rockery at the moment: Sedum, Persicaria, the golden asters, zebra grass, yellow Achillea and Japanese Anemones.

Forgive the yellow photos – the barn as a background is perhaps not as ideal as I had thought!

Yesterday I sorted and rearranged all the ingredients, discarding only the anemones and a few of the spent asters. Here is the refreshed vase on the area of grass where my first new flower bed will be dug later in the week!

I had collected some Physalis seedheads recently too. They glow like lanterns in the rockery in the autumn sunshine, but I must warn anyone considering planting them – they are very invasive! I added a few dried golden hop flowers to them which came from a branch plucked from a local hedgerow a few weeks ago.

These lanterns always make me think of autumn, even though they are already turning bright orange by early August. By the way, they were the subject of my first ever Words and Herbs post back in September 2011 – yes, I have now been blogging for over seven years!!!

IΒ look forward to seeing what other gardens around the globe will be offering up for a vase this week.

Happy October!








45 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Asters and Co.

    • I have kept lanterns in previous years too, but I have so many this year I have been giving them away! LOL! Yes, I will try and keep this vase going for another week, as the sedum and achillea will definitely last, and I can add some grasses perhaps.

  1. Those asters are sooo colorful! I’ve never grown Chinese lanterns but they are special to me because a friend who passed away several years ago once gave me a big bouquet of them! I think of her every time I see them now.

  2. Lots of asters to be seen this week and the dark pink ones are especially pretty. I love the physalis too and, having heeded warnings, have a string of realistic artificial ones as Christmas lights which we keep up all year πŸ˜‰

  3. I’d never thought of using hops like that, it’s very pretty. You still have plenty of colour. I find it staggering how many bad photos I can take. Plenty of good ones too thankfully!

  4. I think we appreciate the late summer/fall arrangements more because we know the end of season is near. Alma Poetschke is a favorite in my garden, too. Exciting that you have a new flower bed to look forward to. I love getting to start anew. What plants are you thinking of putting in?

    • You are probably right – celebrating the last couple of weeks of colourful abundance before the temperatures put an end to it all. Sigh! πŸ˜‰ The new bed will definitely have a dwarf Miscanthus like in my rockery, and three buddleias are also planned as starters as I want to make it my ‘butterfly bed’. I have lots of bulbs to put in too, but it is going to be quite a big bed and I am sure I have underestimated how many plants I will need! I will certainly blog about it as it progresses. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh have fun digging that new flower bed Cathy. Will you be planting out more of the same or trying out different plants in your country garden? The hops and physalis look most happy and cheerful together. I have been tempted to try physalis but am wary. However at this time of year they would be a plus so I might yet give them a go πŸ™‚

    • Oh, do beware Anna. The Physalis really is a thug! They send up shoots several feet from the original plant… in all directions. And before you know it they are everywhere! Easy to pull out, but they always come back! The new bed will be a bit of an experiment as the soil here is quite sandy and the site is very exposed. A dwarf Miscanthus and some buddleia are going in first. Lavenders will probably love it too. πŸ™‚

  6. A perfect autumnal display this week. I especially like the bowl of lanterns and hops. What a great duo. Happy IAVOM.

  7. Lovely asters! Your photo of the lantern calyxes had me looking up the plant, which I often see for sale in garden centers at this time of year but I’ve never grown. I understand that the plant likes water so perhaps it wouldn’t spread so badly here!

    • Well, we had very little rain this summer – weeks without any at all in fact – and the Physalis has thrived! So if you do plant it, perhaps you could use some kind of membrane under the soil as a barrier? I know it is tempting as they are so pretty!

  8. Love, love, love the Physalis seedheads! They really do speak of Autumn! And the asters are gorgeous, too. It’s really good to see the beauty that is all around you, Cathy. Lovely vases!

  9. Physalis seed pods always make me happy; such cheerful orange lanterns! Your bright autumn arrangement is delightful and I love the container! Hooray for a new flower bed to be dug!

  10. Cathy I love your pink Asters are divine. Golden Asters are precious as Achemilla and Japanese anemones. The physalis heads I like very much, they are beautiful. So you’re going to plant flowers in the cabin, I’m very happy! and more if it is your man who digs. You will have to tell us the plants you are going to put. You are very good at putting butterflies in your favorite bush. Have a great time designing and planting your new garden. Happy week. Take care.

    • They are lovely decorations for autumn, and cost a fortune at the markets, so I am somehow glad I have them in my garden despite their thuggish spreading!

  11. For a second all I saw was ‘out of the country’ and ‘putting in a new bed’. I thought some big move was in the works! How exciting though that you’re putting in a big new bed in the home garden… with lots of bulbs! I can’t wait to see it progress πŸ™‚
    Love all the asters!

    • Thanks! The hops have turned a lovely colour, but are very fragile, so this arrangement will have to remain untouched until it gets too dusty! πŸ˜‰

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