In a Vase on Monday: Frost and sunshine

This morning it was white when I raised the blinds and peered out of the window…. no, not snow, thank goodness, but a sparkling white frost!

Luckily I picked some of the last flowers from the meadow yesterday so I could join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with a vase. Yellow and white, depicting the frost and sunshine I woke up to. πŸ™‚

Do visit Cathy to see what she and others around the world are finding in their gardens today.

Hope your week brings you some October sunshine!


34 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Frost and sunshine

  1. Frost already! I read that it might be frosty in northern Italy this coming weekend. It is colder here too with a north easterly wind blowing at up to 48 km per hour. Your vase on the otherhand looks anything but wintry – the blue of the vase itself adds a lovely touch.

    • We already had a couple of frosts in September Christina! (The earliest on record for here). But thankfully the days have been warm and sunny for weeks now with only the odd exception. Today or tomorrow the weather will get colder though, and hopefully with rain.

    • Only one Cordyline which can stay out until it goes below -3 or -4 Β°C. There is no point in having more as the house is too warm for them over winter anyway!

  2. Your little bouquet definitely does represent frost and sunshine, very nicely! I hope it is a while yet before you begin to experience snow, but even frost gives me the idea your gardening days are numbered for a while?

    • Yes, things are winding down in the garden now and it will soon be time to cut everything down for winter. I hate doing that in the chilly damp November weather but if I don’t do it in time I have debris flying around my garden in January! LOL!

  3. Are all three of the big daisies the same? They look like what we used to know as Chrysanthemum frutescens. The white asters are rad. Is the yellow flower dandelion?

    • Yes, the daisies are all Leucanthemum vulgare, which they call Margerites here. The small aster-like flowers are fleabane (Erigron annuus) which have had a good year here with all the sunshine! And the yellow flowers are what we call autumn dandelion, but there are so many different ones I am not sure of the botanical name. Maybe ‘Scorzoneroides autumnalis’?

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