(Not) In A Vase On Monday: November???

I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to celebrate the fifth anniversary of ‘In a Vase on Monday’. Congratulations to Cathy and all those who have joined in over the past five years!

This meme has enabled me to see flowers, foliage and grasses from places in the world I will most likely never visit, as gardeners share the secrets of their beautiful gardens in a vase each week. And it has been an opportunity to share my flowers with others too. I remember being so hesitant at cutting materials when I first joined in, but gradually developed my garden so that I always had plenty of flowers for bringing indoors. And now my new garden at our house out in the countryside is being planted with vases in mind too. What a brainwave this meme was, and it is still going strong!

Well, my neglected garden at the old house has amazed me this year. With very little attention, and no watering during the months of drought, here are some summer flowers still looking good in NOVEMBER!

While doing some tidying up at the weekend I stopped for a brief cup of coffee and took my mug out into the garden. It soon became a provisional vase for trimmings, so I decided it would suit for Cathy’s theme ‘Not in a vase on Monday’ for today. I realised afterwards that it is my ‘Happiness Garden’ mug. (Zoom in and you will see the print). How appropriate!

The Persicaria is still flowering like mad, and the lovely purple Geranium too. I found a few half-decent golden asters (Chrysopsis speciosa ‘Sunnyshine’), some fresh lavender(!) and a couple of roses from my red patio rose. A sprig of Miscanthus, some golden Euonymus, various Hypericum flowers and some sedum also went into the mug. The orange ‘lanterns’ from the Physalis alkekengi are so cheerful dotted around the rockery, but I have pulled a lot out again or they would take over. The best seedheads are then always saved for decoration.

Has your autumn also been so mild? Despite a couple of early frosts and some foggy mornings it has been more like spring than autumn, and many plants are growing new leaves.

Now, do go and visit Cathy and all the others who have posted vases today. A big thank you to Cathy, as always!




58 thoughts on “(Not) In A Vase On Monday: November???

  1. Our autumn is mild too. That is very normal for our region. However, it seems that it has been even milder in other regions where such mild weather is not so normal. Regardless, I do not work with enough flowers that I want to cut some to participate. I am still a long way off. It is nice to see flowers from other regions though, especially the natives in Florida.

    • Oh yes, thanks for reminding me of the name Jason. I think Rozanne is the only geranium here that flowers right through till the frosts get it. Its roots are covered with Aubretia so it is well-protected all year.

  2. This week the temperatures (at least during the days) are forecast to be unseasonably high but night time temperatures will be dropping noticeably so I must bring in some of the tender plants and take cuttings of those I haven’t yet done. Your mug is a lovely celebration of the meme’s birthday.

  3. Amazing that you still have mild temps and flowers, Cathy. With many nights in the 20s, our garden is done. I love your coffee mug and its cheerful contents, perfect for today’s IAVOM.
    Can’t believe it is nearly mid-November already, can you?

    • I can’t believe it either Eliza. Our warm autumn has lulled me into a false sense of security, but the colder days are coming now and preparations for Advent will begin soon. πŸ™‚

  4. Many bloggers were reluctant to cut from their gardens at first, weren’t they? It is good to know that with the encouragement of IAVOM more are enjoying cutting and bringing in material to give pleasure inside too. Aren’t persicaria wonderful? They are easily the most floriferous thing in my garden here, P Blackfield especially. I like the way your Happiness Garden mug just accidentally became the (not) vase for today – serendipitious indeed! You seem to have lots of bright blooms still and of course the physalis seedheads are wonderful, despite their thuggish nature!!

    • The colours really do seem to be more intense – I think the harsh summer sun drains a lot of the colour and so the flowers look more vivid in autumn. My Persicaria Red Dragon didn’t make it through the big freeze we had in March this year. I had taken cuttings which had rooted well, and planted them out last autumn, but they clearly froze too. They were all in sheltered spots, but shady or in partial shade… I think my P. Blackfield and this one (P. Firetail) have survived because they get so much sunshine and are so well-drained and their roots are protected by other plants in the rockery.

      • Oh, what a shame to lose a favoured plant 😦 I suppose Red Dragon has a different kind of stem – mine collapses once it gets cold bit also re-emerges in the spring. If you would like a rooted cutting I could send one to your parents when you are next due to visit, if you like

  5. I love chinese lanterns, but I’ve been banned from putting any in the borders for exactly the reason you mentioned (I have snuck in a small pot but no orange globes :(). Anyhow it is lovely to see so many fresh bright colours in November. Well done!

    • The mug of flowers was placed on our rock at the bottom of the garden (it seemed appropriate that it stay outdoors somehow) and is so visible from the house, shining like a beacon!

  6. That’s even better than a cup of coffee for brightening my morning! Lots of treasures still going strong in your November garden!

  7. Mug + garden puttering + late season blooms = serendipity! We’re still warmer than “normal” here but, with winds whipping up another spate of horrible fires, I can’t really describe it as mild.

  8. Your garden has done a nice job looking after itself while you’ve been busy elsewhere. Great that your November has been mild. I love the orange β€˜lanterns’ but resist planting them here. They add a lot of interest to your lovely mug of cheerful flowers. happy IAVOM

    • Thank you Donna. The damp and cold has started creeping in this week, but the Persicaria will go on for a while yet…. maybe till Christmas unless we get snow!

  9. Cathy your cup “Garden of happiness” I like it very much. Your garden has been very well taken care of alone, surely the Gnomes have been !! You have a divine bouquet full of flowers of many colors: I love it. The Persicaria is beautiful like the purple Geranium. Golden Asters marvel at their color. Lavender smells like a treasure. The red roses are a beauty. The twig of Miscanthus and the golden Euonymus are very beautiful. The flowers of Hypericum and Sedum are lovely. The magic touch are the orange “lanterns” of Physalis alkekengi: they are like Chinese miniature lanterns, divine and fun. Happy IAVOM also for you Cathy as you participate in Cathy’s meme that was her Fifth Anniversary yesterday.
    As for the weather, the first week of November was very cold and snowing all over Spain. They even opened sky stations! Then it started to rain with cold, but a little less. And now we have sunny temperatures during the day but at night they go down. I’m talking about Madrid. Have a very good week. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Margarita, thank you for your lovely comment again. Your weather has been quite crazy this year, hasn’t it?! I do hope you are nice and warm and staying in the city for winter now.

      • Cathy I stay in Madrid until Spring. My parents and I have many doctors to visit. In addition, as of Sunday, the cold and rain return throughout Spain. And the normal thing is that it stays, because it has to rain to fill the reservoirs. I hope you have good weather and enjoy the outdoors. I to recover and be at home I do not care what weather I do. Have a very good weekend. Take care. πŸ™‚ Greetings from Margarita.

  10. Oh that is a lovely bright cupful of late autumnal colour Cathy. It’s amazing how plants will still flourish even when we turn our backs on them for a while. After our early first frost towards the end of October it’s turned relatively mild here but it’s a definitely autumnal rather than a spring like
    mildness πŸ™‚

    • Well, it is getting more autumnal by the day now Anna, as the fog is gaining the upper hand! Another benefit of having neglected the garden this year is the number of seedlings which have appeared… hopefully all Scabious and Centranthus, but perhaps some suprises too. πŸ™‚

  11. We are having a beautiful November, mild and with plenty of sunny days. The garden goes on relatively unscathed by frost. Your garden seems to have looked after itself very well and your mug is delightful with so many bright flowers.

  12. The colors definitely define Autumn, Cathy! I’m so impressed with what you’re still working with in your beautiful displays. How lovely that you’re enjoying mild weather. πŸ™‚

  13. Our autumn has been mild and I have roses still going strong at home and st work. The seed heads of the miscanthus are holding on . We are forecast to have some cold weather next week and it’s certainly grey today. I love your garden happiness mug full

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