In a Vase on Monday: Christmas Eve

A dried up branch was spotted and retrieved from the floor of the woods some time ago and carefully tucked away in a corner of the garage. Then yesterday I brought it indoors, stuck it in a vase with some brown paper to keep it upright, added some greenery and then started unpacking my little baubles and bits and pieces to decorate it. Such a pleasing and relaxing activity, and satisfying too. My favourite little tree decorations have been collected mostly from Christmas markets over the years since living here – this will be my 25th Bavarian Christmas – and each bring back memories as I unwrap them from their tissue paper.

The standing angel was given to me by a student many years ago, the vase itself a gift from my Man of Many Talents when we still lived in a flat in the town centre! My goodness, that seems like a lifetime ago! We had a ten metre long balcony that overflowed with flowers and tomatoes each summer!

The red fairy was a gift from my sister, while the pretzel decoration was found on the Christmas market in Regensburg fairly recently. And the tiny little green Christmas tree bauble and the little green house bauble were bought with my Mum when she visited one Christmas – we visited so many markets over the years that she flew over in December!

Christmas is always full of memories for me, and I try and make new ones each year. This will be our first Christmas in the new house, where we seem to have settled permanently now. But my thoughts are already streaming ahead to next year and all the plans I have for the garden…

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful new gardening year! Thank you for reading, liking and commenting throughout 2018. And special thanks go to Cathy who has tirelessly hosted this Monday vase meme for another year.


51 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Christmas Eve

  1. Your vase is perfect! I too love to get out all of the christmas decorations. They evoke such fond memories. Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

  2. What a great idea using a found branch and greenery. I always feel uncomfortable buying a Christmas tree and watching it die. A lovely way to celebrate with so many memories. Have a happy one Cathy. x

  3. Oh that’s such a lovely little tree Cathy. So many memories are unleashed when decorating a tree – it’s quite a magical process. Wishing you and the Man Of Many Talents a most Happy Christmas! xxx

  4. Memories culled from the past and dreams of the future are the stuff that Christmas is made of. And ornaments do perform a wonderful service in the memory department. Your decorated branch is lovely and I look forward to seeing what develops in your new garden. Merry Christmas, Cathy!

  5. Oh I love your assorted bits and pieces and the fact that they each bring back a memory – it makes the simple routine so special. Have a wonderful festive time in your new home, creating new memories

  6. Lovely! one of my favorite things about Christmas is unwrapping the ornament collection – so many memories. Good luck in the new garden, I am looking forward to the photos and Merry, Happy Christmas.

  7. Cathy Merry Christmas! I have not congratulated you before because my brother and his wife who live on the island of Mallorca, have been with us from Saturday until this morning and have not left me a free moment. I love your Christmas tree and the decorations that bring you good memories. The angel is beautiful, the Red Fairy is very beautiful and the Jarron I like very much. Cathy I wish you and your man many talents to spend a Merry Christmas full of peace, love and good times. Greetings from Margarita.

  8. Happy holidays and all the best for 2019!
    I love how you can just collect a few things from the woods and work your magic with it. I have to try doing the same some day. All the best in the new house, you’re already creating new memories there!

  9. I love the artful way you displayed such beautiful and sentimental decorations, Cathy. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and now as we head into the new year, I wish you happiness and good health! Cheers!

  10. Cathy, what a lovely post. It looks like you had another memorable Christmas, this time in your new home. What an exciting time. I too like the novelty of pulling out ornaments once a year and remembering where they came from. Many were gifts, a few we acquired through travel and some were made by my boys in grade school several years ago. It’s a little trip down memory lane.

    I hope your new year is off to a good start. Sending love your way. xo

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