In a Vase on Monday: Snow Day

Have you had snow?

Well, the snow plough managed to get through the woods this morning after we were snowed in all of yesterday –  all day Sunday it snowed heavily non-stop so we have about 40cm of fluffy white stuff with drifting too. Several trees and branches also came down across the road, which my Man of Many Talents is now dealing with. ☃️

Can you spot the herb bed in this view?

The colour of my flower for this week’s contribution to Cathy ‘s meme (Rambling in the Garden) is appropriate – snow white. The name is less fitting – ‘Alfresco’. I won’t be spending much time outdoors as, despite beautiful sunshine today, it is below freezing!

Hippeastrum Alfresco

Last week’s Amaryllis flower is now over but there are more to come!

Do visit Cathy to see what others are finding in the middle of winter to put in their vases.

Hope you are all getting some winter sunshine!


57 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Snow Day

  1. We had dreadful temperatures here in Minnesota, well below freezing to the point that schools were cancelled and even my work activated the emergency staffing plan. When the temperature with windchill is – 59°F, that is too crazy. And here too everything is covered in snow. So thankful for farmer co-ops who provide flowers. 😊

  2. That amaryllis is a beauty. It matches your snow perfectly. Brrrrrrr, seeing the snow makes me happy for the lovely weekend weather we had. I know we will pay for it with more cold but it was nice to have spring-like weather for just a weekend.

    • Our snow was amazing – non-stop for 36 hours followed by a day of bright sunshine and icy temperatures. The sun makes such a difference even when it is cold though, doesn’t it. 🙂

    • Hi Linda. Our snow will no doubt take a while to melt as it was so much all at once. So the plants will be cosy for a while yet. 🙂 The danger here is always a late freeze, like last year.

  3. Cathy you have a lot of snow but the photo is beautiful but I can not find your planting plants. Your Hippeastrum Alfresco is divine, I love it. Its pure white color is beautiful. Here in Spain we have also had snow in quantity and a lot of wind, in Madrid up to 80 km / hour and have closed all sky stations due to avalanche risk. The worst is over, but the wind is still strong and icy. Cathy wrap up a lot and keep warm, do not go outside that you freeze. 🙂 That you spend a very good week, warm. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. My goodness – that is a lot of snow, Cathy, and just how pristine is that first photo…! Your Alfresco is gorgeous – it’s one that I have had from PN more than once and I think it is the one that gave me about FOUR spikes one year! I think I bought it this year too so have it to look forward to; in the meantime yours will remind me what to expect 🙂

    • I am actually quite enjoying the winter this year as I have so many projects and jobs to do before the gardening season begins. 🙂 But a few snowdrops might be nice by the end of the month!

    • 🙂 This is a particularly pretty one and the flowers have opened up even more today Kris. So glad I remembered to order the bulbs before they all sold out!

    • Thanks Eliza. I think we are going to get rain at the end of the week, so we will have a skating rink in our yard after clearing all the snow! LOL!

  5. That looks like a most beautiful snowfall! As I now find myself in lands where such things occur, we are expecting freezing rain tomorrow – I could do without that! Your amaryllis is lovely; someday I must try one of the doubles! 🙂

    • Hi Amy! Lovely to hear from you! I hope your move went well and you and your horses are settling in. Where are you now? We are supposed to get freezing rain at the end of this week too – I hate that too. This Amaryllis is one of the nicest ones I have had and the flowers have opened even more today – four lovely blooms on one stem. Take care in your ice rain! 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness , rather you than me. Lovely to look out at but frustrating if you have garden plans. Good that you have someting gorgeous to look at inside.

    • We don’t have gardening plans as such in winter here, so I can relax and enjoy the snow! 🙂 The plants are currently nicely tucked up under their white blanket and we are currently researching and making plans for a greenhouse. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I really loved this snowfall, as the landscape has stayed looking beautiful for days, with white frosts. Unfortunately a lot of trees in the woods have succumbed to the weight. You might like the snow, but not the temperatures! 😉

  7. I’m a little late to admire your beautiful vase, Cathy, but that beautiful landscape deserves a bit of praise! I hope that the tree damage is minimal. I think in our American midwest we’re going to see a lot of tree damage this year when the snow melts. And for us in Los Angeles? We’ve had more rain than in the past few years. I think it’s going to be interesting to see what our totals add up to, but for now, my parched trees are doing their best to gulp down what they can while it lasts! 🙂

    • Thank you Debra. The trees have really suffered this past year, with drought and storms and now all this snow and ice. And the dreaded bark beetle is thriving here too. Foresters are rethinking what types of trees to plant for future generations as our firs are not all suited to these conditions. It is good to hear you have had so much rain. Your trees will be happy for a good drink! Our snow is now melting and the ground is soaking it up so rapidly I am amazed!

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