In a Vase on Monday: Old Favourites

On a visit to the rockery in my old garden today I picked a lovely posy of summer flowers for our friend a couple of doors away. It is always a little strange visiting my garden there – I feel somewhat guilty at leaving it to its own devices, as well as offended that it clearly doesn’t need me…. but look at what it rewards my absence with!

I will post a few photos of the garden in a day or two, but here are some of the old favourites I was happy to see again. The white Peony Festiva maxima and pink Sarah Bernhardt (not quite open)…

Red Centranthus ruber, yellow Lysimachia, fern leaves and a yellow lily whose name I have forgotten again..

And then a geranium, some heuchera, Veronica gentianoides, Aquilegia, Alchemilla mollis and some fluffy white flowers that could be cow parsley at a first glance… but unfortunately they are Ground Elder! The other white peony is unidentified, as I was sent a wrong one several years ago. I think Lemon Fizz might be a nice name…

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for tirelessly hosting this meme every week. Do visit her this Monday and take a look at her pretty vase and all the other lovely vases linking in from various parts of the world. πŸ™‚


41 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Old Favourites

  1. A lovely bouquet from a garden tending itself. What a sweet thought. How kind of you to pick flowers for a friend!
    I have ground elder too, but have finally managed to bring it under control. I always wish it was cow parsley too and that I cherished it instead of always feeling the need to pull it out.

    • Oh yes, June is the best time of year to cut flowers for indoors. πŸ™‚ (Although this meme has shown me it is good in any season!) πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Amy. The peonies are not as abundant as some years – another dry summer is challenging them but they have done pretty well considering.

  2. It must be strange, going back to your old garden, especially if it is left to it itself. How often do you go back, and is there anyone using your house? Will you be taking some old favourites to your new house? Your vase is such a bountiful concoction!

    • It is odd, Cathy. We still haven’t decided what to do with the old house so for now it is our second garden. I get back there 2 or 3 times a month. Sadly car trouble meant that I missed my yellow peony flower last week. Yes, as I slowly increase the flower beds at the new house I will take plants or cuttings etc from the old. Conditions are similar, although the soil here is nowhere near as alkaline as the rockery garden.

      • Elderflower?! I do not think of them as very fragrant. Of course, we have a different species here. I have never used the bloom for anything, just because I want more berries.

        • Oh, they smell heavenly Tony! Ours is Sambucus nigra. The berries are a bit bitter, so I usually leave them for the birds. I am going to make elderflower pancakes tomorrow – you just put a whole flower head in the pancake batter and fry. Yum!

          • Ours are Sambucus cerulea or or Sambucus caerulea and Sambucus mexicana. I use the berries like black elderberries, but have done nothing with the flowers.

  3. Cathy your old garden is lush and full of flowers, I love it. Your vase is magnificent with so many beautiful flowers. Peonies I love, I would like to cultivate them but it is too hot with climate change and I could not meet them: I am still in Madrid. Will you take some cut of the peonies to your new home? Because they are so wonderful that you can not leave them. Take care. πŸ™‚ Greetings from Margarita.

      • Cathy, I think it’s best to leave it for the beginning of Autumn, because the weather is good and they still have time to take root before Winter arrives. At least that’s what I would do, a gardener without much experience. Better do not trust me 😦 and ask a professional for advice. Greetings from Margarita πŸ™‚

  4. It’s really pretty, A real snapshot of summer. I have a few peonies I am establishing – battered down with wind and rain today. It’s surprising how your garden can get along without you but for how long?

    • Yes, I also wonder for how long. This will be its second summer alone, and it looks as if this summer could be as hot and dry as last year, which suits the rockery fine. A wet year would make it grow unwieldy perhaps! We will see!

  5. You get peonies from a garden left to its own devices?! I’m beyond envious. It’s interesting to me that, while we can both grow Centranthus, peonies continue to utterly elude me (unless they come from the local market).

    • Well, I think Centranthus is such a strong plant it might even grow on Mars…. LOL! Maybe better you don’t grow peonies as the anticipation is often spoilt by a storm just as they start opening. I have enough to get me through though, whatever the weather.

  6. I think your vases are becoming more and more artistic over time, Cathy. This is particularly lovely! Maybe it’s your photography. πŸ™‚

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