In a Vase on Monday: Red Chief

A couple of weeks ago I mistakenly showed a picture of my pinkish Miscanthus claiming it was my favourite – Adagio… well, I was wrong!  Now the labels are becoming visible again as things gradually die back, I see it was actually ‘Red Chief’, and my Adagios are either side of it. This explains the distinctive pinkish tinge. (I have corrected that post already!)

Anyway, here is Red Chief, looking pinker than ever…

… along with some of my other grasses, some faded Verbena bonariensis and a few sprigs of my no-name pink Heuchera that has been flowering non-stop for months now. For such tall thin stems I chose my test tube vases.

The other grasses are Briza maxima, Calamagrostis, Miscanthus Adagio, Pennisetum (Japonica and viridescens) and Panicum virgatum ‘Rehbraun’.

I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday meme which certainly brightens up my Mondays and hopefully yours too! Have a great week! 😉

33 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Red Chief

    • The grasses will probably feature in quite a few vases over winter! This vase was bought in a local shop where people with physical disabilities produce handmade objects to sell, ranging from candles to toys and even garden benches!

  1. That is a superb way of displaying grasses, Cathy (whatever variety they are!), and reminds me that I have not used my test tubes for ages. Seeing yours inserted into the timber makes me think of suggesting to the Golfer that he makes me two or three different bases in polished timber to use with mine… Thanks for the inadvertent prompt!

      • I should say the same for my Heuchera–no more flowers but the foliage is still vibrantly fresh after one major winter storm and a whole range of warm/cold/warm weather! Wonderful plants…!

  2. It’s a wonderful grass, nicely displayed with suitable partners, Cathy. I was also delighted to see the angel figurine in the background. I have one from that same series, a gift from a dear friend, only mine holds a cat instead of a shovel.

  3. Oh that is a most warm and glowing arrangement Cathy enhanced by the Chinese Lanterns and that little mushroom. I treated myself to a garden angel after seeing yours some time ago 😄

    • The gardening angel really is lovely, isn’t she. Glad you treated yourself! My autumn decorations will have to make room for more festive stuff soon. 😉

  4. I have only in the last couple of years really grown fond of grasses, Cathy. For many years I overlooked them with simple disinterest. I’ve slowly been adding a few varieties into my garden and I love the way you consider them for your vases. The tube vases are wonderful for this purpose. I see them and think of all the little birds and insects that love those grasses when they go to seed. 🙂

    • Me too Debra – I think I discovered my love for grasses when we started walking our dog up in the woods near us, and on the edges of the pathways were the wild forms of some garden varieties I have since planted. They must be ideal for your climate too, as so many like a dry spot. 🙂

  5. Grasses are the stars of the season and I really like Red Chief and must look out for it as none of mine have such red inflorescences. Is it sturdy or does it need support? I find Miscanthus vary greatly in that respect but this may be due to the aspect. I still find Morning Light one of the best…but what a job to cut them all back! I’m dreading it already 😉

    • Hi Annette. No support needed for this one – I have never had to support a Miscanthus as my soil is poor and mostly dry which seems to suit them. Strangely enough Stipa gigantea is another story…. My Man of Many Talents will hopefully offer to cut our Miscanthus down again as he knows my wrists can’t cope! Yes, Morning Light is a lovely one which I don’t have yet. It will have to go on my list for a future project in a year or two. 😉

      • I cut them all back with the strimmer, done in no time at all. Then through the shredder and back onto the borders. Mine seem to flop in half shade, so full sun is definitely best.

  6. Cathy I love your vase of test tubes. I like the pastures very much, they are fantastic and the Pink Heuchera is divine and contrasts magnificently with them: I love it. I love how the pastures are in the test tubes, they are wonderful arrangements. The Angel is adorable: the angel of the garden, I love it. I have not written before because I feel very bad mood. Your vase and your angel have made me smile. Have a good weekend. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Thanks Susie. The colour seems to be getting more pronounced as winter approaches. I won’t cut the grasses back until late winter/early spring, so this will be something to look at in winter instead of flowers!

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