26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Hippeastrums

  1. So lovely! Like you I am drawn to the red ones, but lately I’m also liking the white and yellow. Didn’t grow any this year, though. Wish I had.

    • Thanks for the link Steve. Ours are Salix caprea and get banned from the house as soon as they start releasing pollen! They are a bit earlier than usual this year and are sold in bunches at the markets in towns here as well… for a small fortune, so I was lucky to find my own supply.

      • We wouldn’t have wanted you to deplete your fortune for the likes of some pussy willows.
        Your species name caprea made me wonder what was goaty about it, so I searched and found this: “The scientific name, and the common name goat willow, probably derive from the first known illustration of the species in Hieronymus Bock’s 1546 Herbal, where the plant is shown being browsed by a goat. The species was historically also widely used as a browse for goats, to which Bock’s illustration may refer.”

        • Thanks Steve. I have heard that goats like to nibble on Salix caprea, but I am a bit skeptical and would find it rather odd, particularly since most of the trees bearing catkins near us have branches far too high for them to reach! (Although I have seen very small goats jump quite high…. 😉 )

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