The NGS and Tulips in Dunsborough Gardens

In the UK the National Garden Scheme has been raising money for health and nursing charities for almost a hundred years through the opening of private gardens across the nation. This year those charities are threatened with a drastic drop in donations as gardens are kept closed due to the pandemic restrictions. The National Garden Scheme website has therefore started a campaign to show videos of many of the gardens that were due to open this spring, in the hope that visitors may also consider a donation. 😉

Do explore their excellent website. It is glorious to see all those wonderful gardens in the spring sunshine, but there are also many stories surrounding the gardens and gardeners, as well as news, garden products and even recipes.

If you like tulips you will LOVE this virtual tour of the tulips gardens at Dunsborough Park, UK. Do visit!

Dutch masters; a virtual visit to the Dunsborough Park tulip festival

11 thoughts on “The NGS and Tulips in Dunsborough Gardens

  1. I hope people are generous with their online donations, Cathy. I have added a link to their website from my video tour too. I had 2 biggish groups due this year as well as my June openings, but I have been in contact with them and they will rebook for next year

    • I keep hoping things will start opening soon, but we still seem to be a long way off. I will do another post/link at a later date to remind people. 🙂

      • Thanks for doing that, Cathy. Before actual lockdown, the NGS advised us to have non-contact openings if we still wished to open, but then had to withdraw this to full cancellation. Both my groups hope to come next year instead

  2. I will definitely stop by to visit the site cause I love looking at photos of gardens. It is eye candy for which I have an endless appetite. Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. Cathy – I’ve been watching the virtual garden tours and what a joy they are. Full of ideas, inspiration, and amazing beauty. Thank you so much for recommending!!!

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