33 thoughts on “Old World Swallowtail on Verbena bonariensis

  1. Oh, so beautiful. What a fine thing to see in the garden!
    Other than the Silver-spotted Skipper I posted yesterday, we’ve been seeing Eastern Tiger Swallowtails (I have larvae on my dill), a couple different Fritillaries, Cabbage Whites (of course!), and Monarchs are starting to arrive, something we eagerly anticipate.

      • A neighborhood I lived in while in school was Monarch Grove because of the monarch butterflies that swarmed the blue and red gums there annually. People loved the swarming butterflies, but because they swarmed there, they neglected native species that rely on them for pollination.

  2. I’ve seen a few common yellow swallowtails and a couple black swallowtails. The Monarchs should show up in a few weeks. Unfortunately, though, this year I have very little around that attracts them. Well, there is still the Joe Pye weed–they seem to love that! Congrats on your visitors!

    • Joe Pye Weed is great for our butterflies too, especially the Silver-washed Fritillaries. 😃 They also love thistles so we make sure there are a few left standing. But not too many as thistle seedlings are tough to get out my flower beds! Ouch! 😉

  3. What a lovely visitor and I’m sure you were very excited to catch a photo too. No swallowtails here yet, just one lone Monarch, but soon more will come. They are always such a delight to behold.

    • Also a beauty. This is the only swallowtail we get in our part of the world, and rare too. So it is always extra special to spot one. 😃

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