In Vase on Monday: Dazzlers

The sunlight has been quite dazzling recently, as have the white flowers in and around my garden. I decided to combine them in a vase, joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday meme.

I had forgotten how prickly Cleome can be, and the strong smell of the Feverfew Fleabane surprised me too… maybe because it was cut early in the day?

The Gaura were smothered in bees and other small pollinators when I cut them, which was pleasing to see.

Cosmos Purity needs a bit longer to get going as usual, producing loads of (pretty) foliage but few flowers. Still, I cut a couple.

The Echinacea is Baby Swan White, which is possibly actually E. White Swan as it has turned out to be much taller and larger than it should be!

A Scabiosa ochroleuca was permitted to join the rest, despite not being really white but more cream. A sprig of Queen Ann’s Lace was added and finally a couple of sprigs of Artemisia Silver Queen, which I should use more often as a filler as it is such a thug it needs cutting back constantly!

We had another fantastic blue sky to the north this morning, but it is getting very warm again. This vase is nice and refreshing to look at indoors. 😃

Wishing you all blue skies and sunshine (and some kind of refreshment too 😉) this last week of July!


37 thoughts on “In Vase on Monday: Dazzlers

  1. I like the ombre vase itself, Cathy, and your all-white vase is very effective. My cleome is in bud, and as it is the first time I have successfully grown it I am waiting to find out about the prickles! We are due hotter temps later in the week but it has been a fairly grey and wet day here today

    • I grew Cleome years ago in the old garden and was always surprised when the slugs and snails still tried to eat this hairy and prickly stem! I have this white one ‘White Queen’ and a purply pink one, ‘Violet Queen’.

    • I have grown mixed colours before and was always disappointed if they flowered white, but this one has a nice pale green stem and a pure white flower. 😃

  2. A pretty vase and the all white theme works well for it. I finally banished Artemisia ‘SK’ from my garden, even though it was kept (somewhat) in bounds by a pot, inevitably it would escape and I got tired of dealing with the stolons every spring. I do miss it however. The tight buds make great dried flowers.
    Your sky does look sunny and dry. We’re having another heat wave, the worst so far this year of many in a row. I’m trying to enjoy the effect it has on the exploding garden, if not for my wilting body. 😉

    • It is very hot and dry here too Eliza, with wind on top of that. Hard to keep everything looking good and the grass is brown. But I still have flowers so mustn‘t complain! I had no idea how ambitious the Artemisia would be and one clump was removed in spring… another will probably go in the autumn. It is so pretty, but! 😜

  3. I think that we may finally see your blue skies on the last day of July Cathy 😂 The all white flowers definitely have a magical cooling effect. I would love to grow cleomes but am apprehensive as they are prickly. I remember you saying recently that you don’t like prickly plants either. Cosmos ‘Purity’ is hard to beat when it comes to the cosmos department.

    • Yes, I had completely forgotten that they are prickly Anna. Not too bad though, as long as you wear gloves to pick them. They are such lovely flowers so I am glad I am growing them again. 😃

    • 😃 A colour I have not given much space before now, but with part of this garden further from the house the white shows up really well.

  4. Calm, cool and collected – just what I need at the moment 🙂 . Baby Swan looks very elegant, is this a variety you’ve got for a while? Is the cleome coping with drought? Never tried it. Keep cool, I’ll be in touch xx

    • Baby Swan was one of the first plants in the herb bed in autumn 2018. It was fairly small last summer but has grown a lot taller and has bigger flowers this year. It‘s in pretty much the driest and hottest part of the garden too! The Cleome is fine, in full sun all day. 😃

  5. What beautiful summer flowers! I Love all your photos and I love your blog! I recently found you and thought, she’s going to be fun to read and follow! ~Diana ❤️

  6. I love your last photo, it is just amazing with the light and shadows, the blue of the sky and the white of the flowers. Fantastic! and the white isn’t even over exposed like my photos always are 🙂
    Happy last day of July

  7. All the white flowers are perfect for a summer vase, they seem to have a cooling effect. I never had much luck growing Echinacea, it was in my Maine garden close to the lake…perhaps too much wind.

    • I think once they are estbalished they can cope with wind, as we have extreme wind on our exposed hill here. But they are susceptible to molluscs and mice or voles…

    • I bought some small Gaura lindheimerii plants in spring that started flowering in June, and the ones I grew from seed have been flowering for a couple of weeks already too. They aren‘t reliably hardy, but with so many plants I am risking it and can always grow more from seed next year. 😃 The insects love it so it is defintely a plant I recommend. 😃

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