In a Vase on Monday: Bubblegum

 It’s been another warm and extremely humid day, but I was still happy to cut some flowers for a vase to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday meme.

I have no idea why, but the flower at the centre of this arrangement reminds me of bubblegum. 😃 Is it just the colour?

The pink Echinacea ‘Pink Double Delight’ is one of several new Echinaceas in the garden this year. I hesitated at buying this one, as it is a bit blousy, but am so pleased I did as it is fun and a lovely bright pink too.

I also used some bubblegum pink Cosmos (‘Daydream’), and the deep pink Cosmos (‘Double Click Cranberries’).

With the purple shades of Verbena bonariensis and the blue Scabiosa ‘Perfection Blue’ I thought silvery foliage would work well (Artemisia ‘Silver Queen’), but added a bit of green too with some fresh geranium leaves… I always hate pruning back my perennial gerniums when they stop flowering in July, but am soon rewarded with fresh new growth and maybe a second show of flowers later in the summer.

As a final touch a sprig of Gaura ‘Whirling Butterflies’, some Calamagrostis and some Miscanthus ‘Federweisser’.

The sky in the background is not quite as blue as usual. 😉 But we didn’t get any of the thunderstorms forecast. On the left you can see my amazing sunflower… I haven’t measured it yet as it only opened yesterday, but it is much taller than me. Maybe 2.5 metres? 😃🌻😃

Have you ever grown such a tall sunflower? 😃

Have a lovely week!


30 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Bubblegum

  1. The bubblegum pinks work well. I’ve never grown sunflowers like that. I just saw a video showing how to remove all the petals from the flower, brush with olive oil and grill. Turn over, cover for a few minutes and eat like corn on the cob.

  2. Lovely pink colors, ‘Bubblegum’ works for me. 😉 The Echinacea is a fun one, like a ball with ray petals.
    My sunflowers are huge too, some close to 4 meters, all self sown from last year’s seeds the birds didn’t get. I did stake them this year so at least they should stay upright in the wind. I’ve been clipping the biggest heads to reduce the load. The birds are doing a good job of that as well.

  3. I love your bubblegum arrangement and your echinacea is gorgeous. I have Cosmos Double Click Cranberries. That and Cupcake are this years favourites. Wow, that sunflower is ambitious, it wants to be a tree.

  4. Lovely shades of pink are always my favorites in flowers. You have not only lovely shades, but lovely contrasting textures. Very pretty Cathy, so cheerful and happy. Just what I needed this morning.

  5. I can visualise a sort of cartoon bubblegum ‘splat’ looking at the central bloom, Cathy, so you are right! The artemesia is a lovely contrast for the pinks and coincidentally I was looking at artemisia today as a possible silvery contrast in my blue & white border. Amazing sunflower, and probably taller than the one that appeared in my cutting beds last year, courtesy of some birdseed I think!!

  6. Your sunflowers nearly upstage your vase this week, Cathy. I don’t know why but all my sunflowers seem to be very small again this year even though their seed packets led me to expect something much larger. I love all your Cosmos from the bubblegum-colored one to that lovely cranberry variety.

  7. The biggest sunflower I grew was one in a row of a low branching variety with mixed colors. It looked weird, but stayed because a neighbor liked it. It was about as high as the dining room window upstairs.

      • Okies who relocated here a long time ago had a tradition of growing a sunflower right off the front porch to forecast the weather for the day. Such sunflowers supposedly got a bit of water daily, although I sort of doubt that. I have not seen one at a porch since I was a kid, but would grow one there anyway just because it has become a local tradition too.

  8. Buublegum is indeed an excellent description Cathy and the artemesia is a fabulous filler. I imagine the latter does well for you. That sunflower is a sunflower and a half. It’s an annual that constantly thwarts me. The molluscs usually have a field day 😦

    • The advantage of having such dry weather and such well-drained soil means no slugs (or very few anyway) so I must count my blessings when moaning about the drought! 😉 Yes, perfect conditions for the Artemisia, which is slowly being spread around the garden or eradicated in places as it is SO invasive!

  9. Oh, Cathy! I am in love with this vase *and* your majestic sunflower. I’ve always wanted to grow a tall one like that, but my battle with the squirrels isn’t even a fair fight. They dig up the seeds as fast as I plant them. Thank you for this beautiful post.

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