26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: House Martins

  1. Lucky you having so many Martins in your garden. It is that time of year when they gather up to migrate. The Martins that nest up the street from where I live have already migrated. Isn’t it a joyful noise to hear when they are communicating!

  2. What a sight! I love the Martins. I am seeing more this year, which is great as there have been less in the past few years. We have had no Martins nesting in the house or garage for years, perhaps next year? Amelia

    • They were already here when we bought the house and seem to have multiplied extremely well over the past two years! When they arrive in spring they all try and squeeze into last year’s nests (often one or two come down in the winter months) and need a week or two to gather themselves and start building new nests. I do hope you get some more next year. They are wonderful companions through the summer!

  3. Are martins the birds that that chase off other birds that eat the grapes in vineyard (or fruit in orchards)? I remember Italian cypress around vineyards. They were there for birds to nest in, but did not shade the vineyard much at all. The birds who lived there supposedly repelled the birds that wanted the grapes. I thought they were martins, but I really do not remember their name. There were also martin houses, but I do not remember if they were around for the same reason.

    • No, that is definitely not house martins, but I couldn’t tell you what bird you are thinking of. House martins always nest under the eaves of buildings such as big houses, barns etc. They eat insects on the flight and watching them dart and swoop low is simply fascinating. They also chatter in flight and when in the nests. They have started lining up and preparing for their long flight to Africa for winter. In a couple of weeks they will be gone and we shall miss them!

    • Well, I counted 70 on the last photo, but surely that’s a bit too many for eleven nests! Maybe the neighbouring farm has some too and they had a family reunion! πŸ˜‰

  4. That’s amazing! They must love all the open land with a conveniently located house in the middle to nest on. How nice of you lol
    We have a few swallows but they’re less common as the brush and trees grow up and replace the grass behind our house. New things move in though.

  5. That’s awesome, Cathy, they definitely seem very happy and who wouldn’t be seeing that the place is practically deserted. Your garden (I assume it’s at the new place) looks more like a park and it’s great to have such a blank canvas to paint on – I understand your excitement πŸ™‚ . Is this in a National Park or something? There aren’t many empty spaces left like this in Germany (or elsewhere for that matter), enjoy it. xx

    • Hi Annette. The ‘garden’ is enormous… it was ploughed fields when we bought the place and we decided to sow grass/wild flowers first and see how it all comes together. πŸ˜ƒ I am so far only cultivating a few beds near the house, but we want a vegetable plot soon too. We are hidden away from the world here which suits me fine the way things are right now! πŸ˜‰

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