In a Vase on Monday: Bye Bye August!

The last week of August has brought us relief from the heat and lots of rain, and the garden is suddenly looking sort of ‘in between’: like summer is over, but autumn hasn’t quite got going. I am dithering about cutting down zucchini and tomato plants, while wrapping up my basil at night as temperatures drop to single digits. The house martins I showed you last week are preparing to fly south. There is a saying here that they will be gone by September 8th, which in the Roman Catholic calendar is ‘Maria Geburt’ – the Birth of the Virgin Mary:

Am Maria Geburt fliegen die Schwalben furt’

And like so many of the old sayings here in Germany, it is still pretty accurate; last year I saw a few stragglers on the 9th but they left within a couple of days as well.

My Monday vase is reflecting the season perfectly this week, all the late summer golds and oranges once again.

The Golden Rod grows wild, just behind the fence, but pieces had been broken in the heavy rain at the weekend so I could easily reach over and pluck a few stems.

I decided to pick one of my sunflowers in the Herb Bed – next to my giant sunflower is another plant with a big stem with multiple flower heads. Not sure what sort though, as they all got mixed up when planting them out.

Then I added a red and a yellow Benary’s Giant zinnia, some Helianthus Lemon Queen, a Tithonia and some Rudbeckia, all from the Sunshine Bed.

Oh and some grasses. This one is Miscanthus Red Chief.

One more picture of the Tithonia… 😜

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme. Her vase is so sweet this week!

Have a great week!


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30 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Bye Bye August!

  1. That goldenrod is rad! I only recently learned that there is a native species that I can grow without worrying if it will naturalize. It is not as pretty as Eastern sorts, but it is a fair compromise for something that will not be a problem for the ecosystem.

  2. Oh, I love this arrangement, Cathy! It definitely speaks of late summer/early fall. The goldenrod makes a fine filler for the various composites and I like the cut glass vase, too.
    Have a good week ahead!

  3. It’s a very pretty and nicely composed arrangement, Cathy! And cheerful too. I’m surprised that summer is already packing its bags there – we probably have another two months of it to contend with here. We’ve cooled down for a brief period but the heat will be on again by Friday, and it’s too early to even think about rain.

    • Hi Kris. Only a few yellow leaves so far but it is really chilly at night now. With misty mornings. But plenty of September sunshine on the way… I do love this time of year!

  4. I read with interest about the local feasts and change in seasons, and enjoyed seeing your beautiful golden arrangement. The Tithonia is such a clear strong colour. Here too in my garden the summer is coming to an end. I love Kris’s expression: Summer is already packing its bags.

  5. So summery and lovely, but with a nod towards Autumn! A lovely vase Cathy! I am glad to see the back of August! It’s been a miserable month of endless grey, mist and quite a bit of rain, and a constant cold wind from north, south, east and west. Crossing my fingers for an Indian summer! Amanda

    • I agree Amanda, August can be a beast and an Indian summer is always welcome. Nice sunny days and cool nights with a few showers now and then. Perfect. 😃

  6. So pretty and colorful Cathy! It’s hard to believe your summer is almost over. We still have 6 weeks until the first frost (approximately). It can get really hot here in September and feel like the heat of summer. Summer is short enough as it is, and it would be hard for me to live anywhere that has a shorter season. Winter is just too long and dreary, and with Covid and elections, promises to be depressing. Don’t you wish we could pluck these lovely flowers in the middle of winter when we need them most?

    • Hi Cindy! I am never sorry to see August out as it can be a brute, and I am really looking forward to a couple of months of mild and hopefully sunny gardening days! I often have flowers still in bloom until December, so can’t complain really! I remember one year I posted a review of my favourite summer flowers throughout December though, and it was so good to be reminded of summer. 😃 Maybe do that again this year… 😉

  7. I love the effect of the solidago and miscanthus splaying out and encircling all the cheery daisies – the whole vase has a sort of harvest quality to it

  8. Your vase is a nice way to end summer and welcome in fall. Fall is when your area has the most delightful weather. I’m so sad we won’t be visiting Germany this year…perhaps if things improve your borders might open to us in the Spring.

    • You are right Karen. September and October are often mild and sunny… my favourite months of all! 😃 Let’s hope things are back to normal next year and you can do some travelling again.

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