Garden Tour, Early September 2020

My first video of the garden was early July, and I had planned to do one a month. Well, August was simply too hot to do anything, let alone take photos or make videos. But now the garden has recovered from the heat and temperatures are in the low 20s.

My Geum chiloense Blazing Sunset and the Geranium Rozanne have been flowering non-stop throughout the heat, and now the late summer flowers are beginning to open too.

So here is the garden tour for September. I hope you enjoy it! Click on the link and turn the sound up!


29 thoughts on “Garden Tour, Early September 2020

  1. Thanks for the tour, Cathy. Great to hear the bees and buzzards in the background. Your soil looks very sandy, did I see one bed is mulched with wood chips? The island beds with a different planting scheme are very effective. Have you ever visited Bressingham gardens in Norfolk, it’s creator Alan Bloom is credited with popularizing the concept of Island beds, I think they still have over forty in the gardens today and is a stunning garden to visit.

    • One to add to my list Brian. Sadly I never seem to have enough time when visiting the UK and my list is getting longer and longer! Yes, sandy soil where the garden beds are, but also heavy clay in places. The wood chips have been a fabulous mulch material and I will never go back to bark chippings. It will be interesting to see how it looks in winter.

  2. What a lovely garden tour Cathy!!! Everything has filled in nicely and is looking beautiful. You can see you’ve put a lot of yourself and a lot of work into these beds. I really loved your asters. They give such nice color for this time of year.

  3. So lovely to have this tour with you, Cathy (although It was a strain to hear your commentary, even at maximum volume…) – I am amazed at how much everything has filled out! Amused too at the number of places you are gradually widening the borders – perhaps in due course your sunshine border won’t be quite such a distance away!

    • Thanks for the feedback… my Man of Many Talents also said I was too quiet! Yes, the next bed I am planning will move out towards the Sunshine Bed and then one day…. well, don’t want to get too adventurous but hopefully there will be a section linking everything up, and then a greenhouse and a vegetable garden… sigh! So much to do, but all in good time!

  4. Nice bits of white. (Not too much like my garden would show.) Artemesia looks good there. I do not even know what cultivars are available anymore. I was none too keen on the older garden varieties, but wild species was not very pretty. I may eventually grow a wild one outside the garden anyway. It is the State Flower of Nevada.

    • Hi Tony. My Artemisia is A. ludoviciana ‘Silver Queen’ and the native one which is absolutely everywhere around here is A. vulgaris. It isn’t very attractive though.

  5. Wonderful tour, Cathy, most enjoyable! It is amazing to see how much growth has happened this year, the beds are almost full already. As Sandra mentioned, lovely to put a voice with your face. 🙂

  6. Great to see it all live on video. The oval has just sprung to life for me (I did not do all the hard work). I can see how much more planning I need to do. I love the cleomes, I have never grown these. I have never seen the small leaved Buddeleia which I like better than the large leaved one. Amelia

    • Hi Amelia. I think the Cleomes really ‘made’ the oval bed this year and I want to grow them again next year too. 😃 They didn’t show any signs of suffering in the heat, and didn’t get any extra water either, except for putting the sprinkler on the whole bed a couple of times when the rain passed us by again! Lovely September weather here, but rain would be so good. The small leafed Buddleia is called B. davidii ‘Nanho Blue’ – had to look it up as the name escaped me!

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