Cheerful Tuesday: The Compost Heap

This turned up on our compost heap from nowhere early summer, and outflowered all the other sunflowers planted in my flower beds!

It is still going strong, even after a light frost on Monday morning. (This photo was taken on October 4th)

Have a great Tuesday!

16 thoughts on “Cheerful Tuesday: The Compost Heap

  1. Cathy love your compost heap. What wonderful sunflowers, with what I like and how happy they are: I love them. And still in bloom in October. Happy compost heap and happy gardening. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xx🌻😀

  2. I love when some hang on just for us. Fall is the last of my restful seasons then comes our long hard winters expensive too but what a good year to look back upon for sure many beautiful memories. Have a great week ahead Cathy.

    • Ha ha! And the funny thing was that we actually planted loads of sunflower seeds all around the garden and not a single one survived! The only ones I had in my flower beds were sown in pots early on, then planted out, and they were small and weedy!

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