A Week of Flowers Day Six, 27th November 2020

The idea of A Week of Flowers 2020 was to raise our spirits and brighten up these dismal grey November days. I think it has done just that, thanks to all those participating! We have seen some fabulous flowers (and bees, butterflies, etc) and I have certainly been reminded of summer days, spring sunshine and autumn foliage. So let’s continue with day six! Photos from late summer in the Sunshine Bed today…

It is not too late to join in. Just post a photo of a flower or two from your 2020 garden and leave a comment below with a link to your post.

Thank you for visiting!


30 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers Day Six, 27th November 2020

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    • When I started the garden in 2018 I wanted clarity from the beginning so named the beds from the start! (They have German names too! 😉) Thanks Joanne!

    • This Echinacea is another I planted this year and even if they don’t all survive the winter I think I will buy a couple every year as annuals anyway. They are one plant I will never give up, no matter how often they fail! (My usual rule for other plants. is ‘third time lucky’ or give up! 😉)

    • I love Echinacea more and more each year and hope some of mine will get established long-term. It was nice to see so many summer flowers again today March! 😃

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    • This has been a real success and I am so pleased so many have joined in and that you are enjoying it too. 😃 It has kept me busy and distracted all week. Just what I needed too! Thanks Eliza. xx

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