Ice, End of November 2020

We had some rather pretty ice last week. But as the days went by, with fog freezing onto the plants and trees in layers, I was a little worried. Thank goodness it melted on Monday as my grasses were groaning under the weight; shaking them had no effect, this ice was SOLID!

Brrrr! Winter is here! Is it winter in your garden today?



36 thoughts on “Ice, End of November 2020

  1. I love the frozen cobwebs! Nature’s art at its best. The weather here is yo-yoing again. Yesterday was an unheard of 60F (15C) and today it is 40F (4C), windy (feeling more like -4C), with snow squalls. More weather weirding.
    Have your grasses recovered? Mine don’t last much past the first snow, they are enjoyed for their late fall beauty.

    • They have survived Eliza, with surprisingly little damage… another day of that ice may have been their demise though! I suppose the snow will eventually squash them but for now they really are looking lovely. 😃

  2. I love your icy photos! Is that all from the fog? We get occasional ice storms, but never ice from fog. My grasses have bowed their heads for the winter as we had 3-4 inches of early snow this week. It was wet and heavy and stuck to everything, like your beautiful ice. Both remind us that winter is on its way.

  3. There’s a tiny touch of magic in those icey images. 🙂 Is that a frozen spider’s web I see? So pretty, but perhaps not so great for some plants in your garden – or do they all tolerate frosts?

    • Hi Joanne. Yes, everything I plant is hardy down to – 23°C (zone 6a) except the Verbena bonariensis and Gaura which are potluck… some years it only goes down to about -8°C. But permafrost is the biggest danger. It can be just below zero for weeks. I grow annuals like cosmos or sunflowers from seed in spring and plant them out too. 😃

  4. It does happen to be winter in my garden the past couple of days, I’m looking out the window at a scene somewhat similar to your pictures. Spider webs and grasses look particularly beautiful covered in ice crystals. Your last photo really illustrates the unique beauty of cold mornings.

  5. Oh, we haven’t had freezing fog yet. Today it has rained all day and apparently in Scotland it is snowing. Nice series of photos Cathy! You’ve clearly chosen plants with great structures for winter.

  6. Cathy the pictures of the iced plants are divine, especially the icy cobweb. I hope all your plants survive the Winter. Tomorrow Friday it is going to snow in Madrid, so my garden at the country house will be all snowy, snowy and frozen this weekend and the frozen snow will last all the beginning of next week. Bundle up a lot and stay warm. Take care. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita ☕😀🤗😘🧣🧤

  7. Oh that does look beautiful but oh so cold Cathy. Our temperatures have definitely taken a dip as the week has gone on but no hard frost ….. yet . Grey and drizzle/ rain instead. Hope that you’re staying snug and cosy and enjoying lots of homemade soup.

  8. A few cold nights are on their way, but it still feels like November here 😉
    The ice does look pretty. Sunshine looks pretty as well, but for now enjoy and stay cozy!

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