In a Vase on Monday: The Unusual…

We had terrible gales last week and one of our tall willowy willows was nearly uprooted. As there were fresh shoots at the base of the trunk we decided drastic measures were in order…

…and the top was lopped off!

My Man of Many Talents hated to see the glorious green flowers, smothered in bees, go onto the compost heap and put them in the nearest container he could find.



In case you are wondering, it is a pile driver for ramming posts into the ground. Turned upside down it served as a heavy and relatively stable vase!

What surprised us both was the delicious scent coming from the flowers.

I narrowed it down to three, but we were so taken by this strange vase that we both took loads of photos!

I am happy to be joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday meme again and hope you will pop over to see her vase today.

34 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: The Unusual…

  1. How lovely and unusual Cathy. Smart thinking making the best of a situation and allowing nothing to go to waste. I’m sure the bees were happy they didn’t lose all the blossoms.

  2. While it is a shame about your tree you have managed to make a gorgeous vase from the willow. DIdn’t recognize the pile driver as such but it makes a great container. The blue sky is lovely too. Take care.

    • Thanks Susie. We have accumulated various tools for planting trees and this is a particularly heavy one for getting the support posts in the ground…. the original posts for the willow must have been poor quality as they have mostly rotted already. The willow should survive. They are tough trees!

  3. Oh that is SO effective, and I am impressed that your MOMT came up with such an artistic idea…he clearly has more talents than had previously been discovered! I have heard of the fragrance of willow blooms, but presumably have never been around one when they are flowering, Thanks for sharing this unusual VoM!

    • I’m sure the tree will be fine, as another willow had its top broken off a couple of years ago (possibly a heavy bird sat on it!) and it just sprouted from the base again. πŸ˜ƒ

  4. That is a magnificent and sculptural vase, Cathy! I’m glad you and he managed to save the flowers to enjoy for awhile. Now I wonder whether I’ve sometimes smelled willow flowers in spring without knowing what it was!

    • Amy! Hi, how are you?! I think the willow flowers are usually too high up for us to smell them, so it was nice to get a whiff of the very delicate and fresh scent. Hope all is well with you and your sister!

  5. Wow, are you going to try to root them? Then you’ll have 3 new trees! Willows are one of the top rated pollinator plants and source of caterpillars for birds. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I am hoping they will grow roots and we can plant them up. πŸ˜ƒ These are white willow but we have some Salix aurita and S. caprea too.

  6. How inventive, it looks marvellous. And I never noticed the fragrance either. We had strong winds too, it is awful to see all the tender new growth blown about.

    • Thank you Chloris. Yes, there were some terrible gusts last week, and we always hold our breath and hope for the best in a storm. The birches will probably not survive long term as our hillside is very exposed to the wind.

  7. The gale you describe sounds like it might have been a little frightening. I’m sorry about the tree damage, but you made the most of the situation with this incredibly creative vase!

    • We get a lot of wind on our hill Debra. It is always nail-biting when the trees are in leaf as they get such a battering. No other damage this time though! πŸ˜ƒ

    • You may need a step-ladder! πŸ˜‰ Don’t know why I have never smelled it before either. Perhaps you need to get close up. Hope you find some!

  8. An impromptu and most original vase Cathy. The willow on the other side of our garden boundary was pollarded last autumn as the branches were coming a bit too close to our roof for comfort so no willow flowers for us this year. I never knew that they were scented! I am missing the leafiness and flowers but will not miss the clouds of fluff that fell from them πŸ˜‚

    • The fluffy bits are a nuisance. There was one on the edge of our old garden and its seedheads clogged up the lawnmower! I loved it when it was smothered in bees though. Sadly it had to come down as it was rotting and hanging towards our roof.

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