In a Vase on Monday: Perfect Blue (and Pink and White)

I can remember when I got to the stage in my old garden where I stopped worrying about what I was going to cut for a vase… I still have a long way to go in this garden before I have such abundance that I can snip away to my heart’s content. But I do have some lovely flowers to share nonetheless. 😃 So I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday meme with what I call my ‘Moon’ vase…

The striking tall spike is Gaura lindheimeri… I think it is Whirling Butterflies, but it could be Summer Breeze, which I also have in the Oval Bed. I am growing a completely white one called Cool Breeze in the Moon Bed this year as well, but it hasn’t quite opened yet.

The beautiful white Cosmos is ‘Fizzy White’ and I really like it so far. It is about 1 metre tall and the flowers last really well.

The pink Cosmos is Double Click Rose Bonbon. The Double Click series are an old favourite, but this pink one is new to me. I am pretty impressed with this one too. 😃


Last week I shared some of my Scabiosa. This week my Scabiosa caucasica ‘Perfect Blue’ opened. It is so pretty! Looking into the flower close up is fascinating. I may have missed all that detail if I hadn’t picked this flower for a vase!

And the tiny bubblegum pink spike hiding in there is my Polygonum/Bistorta affinis ‘Darjeeling Red’ which does actually have red flowers when it first opens. It is evergreen and flowers from June to November, non-stop! It is perfect ground cover for around the roots of Clematis.

I used various Pulmonaria leaves, a Geranium and an Alchemilla leaf and a Stachys leaf around the base.


Are you growing Cosmos this year? Any favourites?

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

24 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Perfect Blue (and Pink and White)

    • Thanks Amy. I think the slugs got some of the Cosmos… a pest we don’t usually have but it has been so wet this year they are everywhere!

  1. The guara is named after Ferdinand Lindheimer who was from my hometown- the father of Texas botany! His house has been turned into a museum all schoolchildren in town visit and there is a huge mural of him downtown! His gardens are still maintained beautifully to this day.

    • Thanks Lauren. That is really interesting to hear. I knew he was a botanist as I am always fascinated by plant names and try to find out about their origins. I am glad he is remembered in his hometown. 😃

  2. It is lovely, Cathy! Rabbits have been nibbling my orange/yellow cosmos seedlings down to nubs, alas. They should be blooming now, but unless I can keep the bunnies away, there won’t be much blooming. I sprinkled blood meal around tonight, but once it rains, it has to be reapplied, kind of pricy for that!

    • Oh, such a shame about your cosmos Eliza. Some of mine have been eaten by slugs, along with most of my brussels sprouts! We haven’t had this pest before, but it is inevitable with all this rain. 🐌🐰🌻

        • It has rained almost every day or overnight for about three weeks now and a downpour and flooding in low areas is forecast for the entire day tomorrow! I think we’ll use the wood we had intended for a compost bin to start work on the ark! LOL! (And I won’t be inviting the slugs to come aboard! 😉)

  3. Your cosmos are really amazing, they are so frilly and double! Mine have been self sowing for a few years and seeing these makes me realise how simple they are by comparison. However the rabbits don’t seem at all interested in them, so perhaps they’ve been self selecting for survival 🙂 I love your vase, and as you say, it’s wonderful to look closely at the beautiful little flowers at the center of the scabious.

    • I try out new cosmos each year and do love the double ones. They haven’t set seed though, so yours are probably much more robust!😃

  4. Oh you are using this lovely case again! Your cosmos look pristine, Cathy, unlike most of mine, which had a chequered start. I do have this pink one, also DC Snow Puff (?) but my DC Cranberries are not what they should be 🙄. Lovely to see the pulmonaria foliage too

    • That happened to me last summer Cathy… some of the DC cranberries were the right colour but not double. This year so farthey all look more or less like the first ones I grew. A few have been eaten by slugs, which is unusual here but considering the weather hardly suprising!

      • I need to check which seed I used – I suspect it wasn’t a commercial grower. My calendula are mixed too, but I did save some of my own seed

  5. Cathy your vase is divine. Double cosmos are lovely, I love them. La Gaura is spectacular, so tall and with the wonderful flowers of it. La Sacabiosa is fabulous with the pretty blue color of it. I like all your flowers and leaves, it is a sweet and lovely vase, magnificent, I love it. The wonderful photos of such divine flowers have made me smile and have made me happy. I am so sorry for the slugs. Have a wonderful week. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita 🌺🙏🌸🌼

  6. Oh that is a simple but most effective group of flowers and foliage Cathy reinforcing the maxim of less is more. A friend gave me a couple of most welcome gauras last week but I think that I’ve a while to wait for flowers. Both cosmos are beautiful. My ‘Purity’ has just started to open but later sown ‘Cranberry Click’ is still quite dinky 😄 I’m sure that I’ve said it before now but I love that vase.

    • I like Purity too, but wanted a change this year. The Fizzy White is rather lovely. That vase is one of my favourites too… my sister found it in an ‘antique shop’ in her village. 😃

  7. What a sweet vase, Cathy. I love the shape of it and the way it is designed. Your cosmos are so pretty. I do grow cosmos and because they self-sow every year, I actually end up thinning them significantly. I have both purple and yellow, but I don’t know them by name. They are so easy to grow and they do really well in our heat. They can really be invasive, but I don’t mind. They’re a very happy flower. 🙂

  8. No cosmos for us. Gee, I have not grown it in quite a while now that I think of it. It is one of the few wildflowers that self sows where it gets water, although it reverts to more basic colors.

      • Renee’s Garden Seed’s used to send samples annually. Renee is my neighbor, and her office is right across the road. However, like nasturtiums, my favorite cosmos were the feral sorts that the fancier types reverted to after a few generations. The fancier types would work nicely at work though. For example, where only white flowers are allowed, I can get seed for white cosmos. Before they toss seed for pink and white feral cosmos, the perennials will have filled in.

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