In a Vase on Monday: Overflowing

It has been so wet in the south of Germany.💦💧🌧 Some of the rivers and streams are overflowing their banks, and although we live on a hill we have also had water running down to us from higher ground. Today is the first day it hasn’t rained for ages though, so I am enjoying the sunshine with Anouk lying nearby while my Man of Many Talents mows.

The garden is not only soggier than it has ever been, but the weeds have continued to flourish too! Frustrating shoulder and hand problems have prevented me from doing any work at all, let alone just keeping up with maintenance, so many plants are overflowing the (yet to be mown) lawn and these were naturally my first choice for my vase today.

The tall spikes are Linaria purpurea, Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’, Larkspur, Verbena bonariensis, a pink Snapdragon  and the first Buddleia flower to open.

Two little dots of creamy white are Cephalaria gigantea flowers… the plant is taller than me and a few stems are weighed down to the ground by the water on the flowers, but that is not stopping the bees! 😃🐝😃

The red cluster is Achillea ‘Pomegranate’, which I moved to the opposite side of the Butterfly Bed where it enjoys even more sunshine and seems happier with no shade at all. It is such a gorgeous plant.

I added two shades of pink Larkspur… a single white has appeared in the mix I sowed which will be left to go to seed along with all the blue ones, but I am picking the pinks.😃

I hope to be gardening again soon, but in the meantime I am simply taking pleasure in the garden, spending time with Anouk, and perusing gardening blogs. Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme. Do go and visit her to see what other gardeners are putting in their vases this Monday.

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Have a great week!