In a Vase on Monday: Overflowing

It has been so wet in the south of Germany.💦💧🌧 Some of the rivers and streams are overflowing their banks, and although we live on a hill we have also had water running down to us from higher ground. Today is the first day it hasn’t rained for ages though, so I am enjoying the sunshine with Anouk lying nearby while my Man of Many Talents mows.

The garden is not only soggier than it has ever been, but the weeds have continued to flourish too! Frustrating shoulder and hand problems have prevented me from doing any work at all, let alone just keeping up with maintenance, so many plants are overflowing the (yet to be mown) lawn and these were naturally my first choice for my vase today.

The tall spikes are Linaria purpurea, Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’, Larkspur, Verbena bonariensis, a pink Snapdragon  and the first Buddleia flower to open.

Two little dots of creamy white are Cephalaria gigantea flowers… the plant is taller than me and a few stems are weighed down to the ground by the water on the flowers, but that is not stopping the bees! 😃🐝😃

The red cluster is Achillea ‘Pomegranate’, which I moved to the opposite side of the Butterfly Bed where it enjoys even more sunshine and seems happier with no shade at all. It is such a gorgeous plant.

I added two shades of pink Larkspur… a single white has appeared in the mix I sowed which will be left to go to seed along with all the blue ones, but I am picking the pinks.😃

I hope to be gardening again soon, but in the meantime I am simply taking pleasure in the garden, spending time with Anouk, and perusing gardening blogs. Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme. Do go and visit her to see what other gardeners are putting in their vases this Monday.

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Have a great week!


38 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Overflowing

  1. Lovely flowers, Cathy…such a joy to glean such beauty from the garden.
    We’ve had similar weather, so soggy… time to build the ark!
    I sympathize with you not being able to garden due to injury, I spent 6 wks this spring with similar. So hard not to do what we love to do in the garden. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    • Thanks Eliza. Thank goodness the weather hasn’t been real gardening weather recently anyway. I expect I just overdid things this spring! 🌻

  2. Sorry you have are having such a soggy summer, Cathy, and that are suffering with shoulder and hand problems – are they worse when it is damp? That achillea really is stunning, and although I am not a buddleia fan I am intrigued by the bobbly shape of these blooms. Seeing your pink larkspur has made me think about trying some other colours too. Hope you are able to be more active again soon

    • I think my shoulder problems were a combination of too little activitiy in the winter and then too much in the spring! 😉 I hadn’t actually noticed the shape of the buddleia flower until you mentioned it… It is a normal Buddleia davidii (Nanho Blue) which has smaller silvery leaves and remains fairly compact.

  3. Gorgeous colors. The rich Achillea is a standout. Like Cathy I’m curious about the shape of your buddleia, interesting and different from what I usually see. Good luck for a quick recovery!

  4. Oh wet weather is bad enough Cathy without the aches and pains ((())) The sooner both subside the better. We have had more than enough summer rain here although for once it’s been generally been wetter in the south this summer! Sunshine and warmth on the way though after today. Our first buddleia came into flower last week when we were away for a couple of days. I like that achillea – it compliments purple and pink I would imagine. Note made of name 😂 Take care and don’s rush to do any weeding until you’re up to it.

    • Yes, I must resist the temptation to weed Anna! 😉 I will probably divide that Achillea now it has finally got established and spread some around the garden. 😃

  5. You certainly have had extremely bad weather in much of Germany. I do hope the weather becomes drier and sunnier for you. In the meantime, you have lovely flowers from your garden to brighten the day,

    • Thanks Karen. More heavy rain last night, but our trees are loving it! The forests here in the south were in desperate need of this, so we can’t complain. 😉

  6. I love the contrast of the purples with that luscious red yarrow, Cathy. And I’d no idea that Cephalaria gets that tall. I’m sorry that medical issues have kept you sidelined and I hope you’ll soon be on the mend!

  7. Cathy, I love the beautiful transition from the pomegranate color to the purples. So pretty. And lots of textures and height in this arrangement, which I always enjoy in flowers.

  8. Achillea has the reputation of doing well here in our chaparral climate, but is somehow looks so much better in other climates. We had a bit of fernleaf yarrow naturalize, but even that was not very healthy.

    • Yes, the grasses look especially good on a windy day. Anouk is doing fine… still nervous of storms and not happy with visitors, but I am sure she will adapt and she has sooooo much attention! 😃🐾🐾

  9. I love the slightly wild look of the grass and the linarea. That’s the biggest fluffiest buddleia I’ve ever seen! The common one is invasive here, so I think that the special ones don’t get marketed. I was able to get the yellow ball shaped one which is quite different, but still lovely. Sorry to hear about your hands – it’s so frustrating when that happens.

    • Thanks Cath. I am on the mend. 😉 I was amazed at that buddleia too! I think the early flowers are always a bit larger than the following ones. This is called Nanho Blue and is my favourite as the leaves are smaller and shinier than others.

  10. Glad you are getting a day of sun. I like the color on the Achillea. Is your Buddleia fragrant? I would like to grow some, but they are considered invasive here. I hope your shoulder and hand feel better soon.

    • Thanks Jason. The Buddleia (Nanho Blue) smells wonderful. It is a smaller one that should remain compact and has lovely small shiny leaves.😃

  11. Your beautiful flowers are so lovely I’d never know they came close to drowning! Wow! I can’t even imagine that much rain, Cathy. I’m sure that every day of sunshine becomes a day of celebration. We are so dreadfully dry right now. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a little magic and swap climates and weather conditions for just a week or so!

    • How I wish I could send you some! Have you got a magic wand and do you know the magic spell? 😉 🧚‍♀️ It has been wonderful for the countryside to rejuvenate this year. Here are some virtual raindrops for you Debra. 🌬💧💦🌧🌦

  12. I hope your shoulder and hand recover soon. Meanwhile, I suppose the pollinators will be very happy to have a touch of floral disarray, especially when it involves beauties like these.

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