In a Vase on Monday: Sun Hats and Dragons….

Hello! It is Monday again and I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her weekly meme. And this week I actually have a prop. 😃

I must admit this sun hat is rarely used, as it is a bit floppy, with a baseball cap being preferred. 😉 But you may be asking ‘Why Sun Hat?’ Well, Echinacea are known as ‘Sonnenhut’ in German… sun hats. 😃

The ones featured today are the earliest to flower and I am still waiting for a few others to open.

Pink Double Delight on the left, Pica Bella, Baby Swan White and one Echinacea pallida in the middle.

Pink Double Delight is rather fancy, but I like it for being a bit eccentric.😉

The dragons are my snapdragons, all grown from a packet of mixed seeds.

But actually there is quite a menagerie in there… lime green Wolf’s Milk (Euphorbia) at the base as a filler, and one sprig of Sedum which is known as fat chickens here (Fette Henne)… just below Pica Bella in the next photo.

The day promises to be warm but not too warm… great for visiting a garden. 😃 My friend and I are looking forward to a visit to the Himalaya Park nearby this afternoon, which I have mentioned before and will write about again soon.

Hope you have a lovely day too. ☀️

39 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Sun Hats and Dragons….

  1. Don’t you just love the centre of the echinacea! It’s just so perfectly formed, textural and always beautifully coloured to compliment the petals! It’s a cracking plant, and it sits beautifully in your lovely summer vase Cathy! Sadly no vase from me again this week. I need to persevere with wordpress and try and get past its very effective blocking tactic! I can’t navigate to the text box!!! Grrrr. Have a good week and enjoy the weather. Amanda

  2. Beautifully shot and a lovely selection of Echinacea, bravo. Hope all is well and you haven’t been affected by the heavy rainfall. Enjoy your week x

  3. Oh that’s a fine vase Cathy and your sunhat is a perfect match for the flowers. All most pretty in pink apart from the wolf and the swan 😄

  4. I love sun hats as a common name for Echinacea. Many common names make no sense to me but that once does! Echinacea is mostly an expensive annual here, although I did get some of the ‘White Swan’ variety to bloom a second year once (before watering became such an issue). Snapdragons are early spring plants here, which is too bad as they definitely have a summer vibe.

    • Snapdragons only overwinter sometimes here, so I usually sow some fresh to be on the safe side. My White Swan is supposed to be the Baby one but is actually the tallest of all my Echinacea!

  5. How beautiful. I love Echinacea and I’m going to stop calling them “Cone Flowers,” as we call them and now refer to them as sun hats! Charming! 🙂

  6. Cathy I love your vase of echinaceae and dragons, it is divine, wonderful, the fabulous coloring. I really like your hat, it’s a charm. I have to give you bad news and the reason why I have not written on your blogs and I am not going to do it in a little season. Last 07/07 the floor below ours caught fire completely, being completely destroyed. Luckily it was 4:00 p.m. and I was reading in my room with the window a little open and I smelled the smoke and I asked a young man on the street where the smoke came from and he answered that from the ground floor ( I live on the first floor). I yelled at him to call the fire department. While I shouted to my Mother that there was a fire on the floor below and that she ran to get her bag with her documentation while I took mine and closed the windows of the whole house because the black, toxic smoke that would not let you breathe entered per seconds in huge quantities inside the house: at the same time I dipped a large towel in cold water to breathe and took COVID masks (here they are mandatory). The two of us did not go to the staircase that was all full of smoke and did not look good and some neighbors who were going down helped my Mother with the towel on to be able to breathe down. Upon reaching the street, there were already several police cars, the Firemen and Ambulances were coming. My mother and I moved away from the building so as not to breathe smoke and we waited more than three hours until the firefighters gave the order to go up to the houses accompanied by a firefighter. When the firefighter who accompanied my mother and I opened the door of our house and saw all black smoke, he slammed the door and we went down to the street again. Two firefighters came up with extractors and spent more than an hour taking the smoke out of my house through the windows. When they finished they measured the CO2 and told us that the carbon dioxide levels were zero. When my mother and I went up to our house and entered it smelled so much of toxic smoke that we had to run out to the terrace to breathe. The whole house is blackened and full of soot everywhere: floors, furniture, sofas, beds, bathroom, kitchen, inside closets, ornaments, books, chairs, pictures, lamps, plants, ….. ALL FULL SOOT. Thank God to my mother and me, nothing has happened to us. I called my Home Insurance and they have sent a cleaning team that has removed the soot on top: a botch. We have temperatures in Madrid of 37ºC until one day at 41ºC: my mother gets sick with so much heat and so do I. We have taken cleaning very calmly and without haste. We will be compensated to paint the entire house as the walls have been blackened with smoke. Cathy I’m sorry she explained so much to me, but you’re a friend and I wanted you to know. I hope you and your resourceful man are in very good health. Take good care of both of you. I was very happy about your magnificent vase. Happy week and happy gardening. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita 😘🤗🙏🌺🌸🌼

    • Oh my goodness, how awful for you and your mother. That is such a frightening thing to go through. I do hope you can get everything clean and get the smell out of the house. Yes, thankfully nothing happened to you, but still… I wish you all the best for getting back to normal and hope you at least get some cooler weather too. 🤗🦋🐝🌻

      • Cathy thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, it was horrible, although thank God my Mother and me nothing has happened to us. Thank you for your wish for the temperature to drop: this weekend it will drop to 35ºC until Monday, then we’ll see. It smells less, but you touch things and get soot on your fingers: there is a lot to clean and since soot is very fine dust, it goes from a dirty place to a recently cleaned one, because you have to be with the windows open to clean because you drown in the dust. My Mother and I have decided to take cleaning easy and rest in the afternoons while it is so hot. Cathy I hope you were not affected by the terrible floods in Germany: it was a great tragedy. Take care of yourself. I wish you a great weekend. A hug. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita 😘🤗🌻🌼🌹

  7. I love the hat and the flowers. Sun hat is a much nicer name than cone flower, and more descriptive too. I have tried to grow them without success so far.

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