In a Vase on Monday: Timeless

Happy to be joining Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) and her Monday crowd, although I didn’t have much time for choosing flowers, or taking photos today… hence the title!

But I think ‘timeless’ also describes this simple summer bunch, plonked into one of my favourite vases.

Didn’t quite get it published German time, but in the UK it is still Monday at least!

Heliopsis ‘Sommersonne’, Echinacea ‘Flamethrower’ and some blue Larkspur, with a sprig of Verbena bonariensis and some Hypericum.

(I love that purple shimmer on the Larkspur. 😃)

Have a good week everyone!


25 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Timeless

  1. Timeless – and perfect too, Cathy! I’m so surprised to see larkspur with the other flowers. Those flowers exit at the end of spring here, if not before.

    • The larkspur is still going strong and amazingly still standing, albeit a bit lopsided. It’s a new plant to this garden, so I don’t know how it would act in a dry year… 🙃

  2. Oh well, I had been fast asleep well before you posted this Cathy!! The larkspur does indeed look lovely with the contrasting yellows and oranges, especially with the shimmer that then ties it in with the verbena. Hope your day was busy with good things…

  3. So pretty! I esp. love the echinacea color and the larkspur, another favorite of rabbits here. I’m considering next year making a rabbit-resistant enclosure for all the plants I want to grow that they munch on. It is always something we’re fending off in the garden!

  4. Cathy love the vase and the flowers it contains with their lovely color scheme. The blue larkspur is divine and with the yellow of the Heliopsis I love it. I love echinacea, verbena bonariensis and hypericum – I love all your flowers and your vase, it’s wonderful. Take care. Happy gardening and happy week. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita 😘🌻🦋🐝

  5. Your Heliopsis is bright and cheery and you found some great companions. I gave up on the hybrid echinacea after a few years because they were so short-lived here, but Echinacea ‘Flamethrower’ has me itching to get one. Have a good week Cathy!

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