New Labour-Saving Tools!

I mentioned a few weeks ago how shoulder and hand problems have meant less gardening is happening here lately. That got me thinking… surely there must be an easier way to neaten up the edges to the flower beds and sweep away debris from my flower pots in the yard.

Yes! There is!

First off, this battery powered lawn trimmer.

Einhell Cordless Grass Trimmer GE-CT 18/24 Li

It is so incredibly light…. much lighter than a garden spade. And it works! I was surprised at how quickly I could whizz round all the beds after the mowing had been done. Within ten minutes it all looked tidy again. No bending, no sore hands from cutting or pulling at grass, and it saved me about an hour’s work. And very quiet.

It is a great tool for tricky corners of the lawn, around trees or shrubs, and also for weeds growing up through paving or gravel. It is telescopic with an extra adjustable handle for stability. Very little hand pressure is needed to operate the motor and I can swap easily from the right to the left hand.

The little plastic blades look harmless enough but cut through weeds and some thicker grass too. Perfect for edges!

Secondly, the Einhell battery powered leaf blower.

Einhell Cordless Leaf Blower GE-CL 18 Li

This is quick and quiet and is meant for light clean-ups of patios etc. Doesn’t work well on larger or wet leaves, but for dispersing dust and petals it is perfect. Also much better than sweeping with a broom or bending down with a dustpan and brush. And with the light battery my shoulders much prefer this to our heavier petrol one that I can never get to start for me!

It has adjustable speeds,1 to 6, but I find you need 6 to move things best.

These were an excellent investment which I would recommend to anyone trying to save themselves a bit of bending and trimming. Both my tools use the same batteries and charger, so I can be using one while the other charges and swap the battery I am using from one tool to the other while outside.

The lightweight trimmer especially bowled me over!

Although Einhell is a German company I still had to wait a while for the products as supplies are all haywire right now. Maybe something for your Christmas wishlist? 😉

For more information, take a look at their website, which is in English as well as German:

By the way, I did not get paid for writing this post and am not affiliated to the company in any way. But I do recommend their products. They produce a wide range of simple high quality tools such as saws, drills, water pumps, generators and hedge cutters. My Man of Many Talents has a few of their products too. 😃

What is the best tool you have for your garden chores? Any good recommendations?

Have a good week everyone, and happy gardening!

29 thoughts on “New Labour-Saving Tools!

  1. Thank you for this. Any advice on labour saving in the garden is always welcome. We started off with a battery strimmer which was useless. That was some years ago now and I do not think the early batteries were good and it was a supermarket purchase. It is good to know things have improved, and probably quality counts too. Amelia

    • Yes, these were not exactly cheap with the batteries and chargers being pretty pricy, but sticking to one brand and design makes it cheaper innthe end as the batteries can be swapped from one piece of equipment to another.

  2. Nothing like a good tool! I have a battery-powered hedge trimmer and it makes quick work of my quince hedge. I had a corded trimmer before and it would take me 4x as long and I often accidentally nicked the cord (yikes!), so the new one was most welcome.
    Years ago, I got interchangeable tool heads with a couple handles from a German company Wolfgarten and I LOVE them. Tined metal rake, cultivator/hoe and edger. Multi-use is the way to go. My hands down favorite is a 14″ long hand digger with three tines on one side and flip side is the digger. Perfect for setting out bedding plants with the tines ready to loosen roots before planting.

    • I think we have exactly the same one! Yes, Wolfgarten is very common here and the interchangeable handles and tools are really practical. I hadn’t thought to try that one out with the long handle though. 😃 My weeding tool is that brand too.

  3. Good for you! It looks like your garden work (or some of it) will be a little easier going forward. We have some similar tools. My favorite, though, is a much smaller, simpler tool–my hori hori.

  4. For a while there was a push here to embrace the ‘zen’ of hand tools and to frown upon power tools as wasteful and loud. I disagree completely. I haven’t traded in the shovel for a tractor yet, but love the powered trimmer, blower, and hedge shears 🙂
    I would add a grinder -for sharpening all those blades and shovels and hoes, and a reciprocating saw -for making quick work of small tree limbs. I bet your Man of Many Talents already has the saw, you should borrow it once your trees start putting on some height!
    The Edge is looking fantastic btw.

    • Thanks Frank. We do have an increasing number of tools now, including power saws as we have some woodland to keep in check, like many of our neighbours too. Hardly a day goes by without the sound of a power saw or circular saw making firewood! 😉 But I have a small Japanese hand saw that makes quick work of small branches too. I don’t have the strength to start all those petrol driven tools so my cordless ones are wonderful for lighter jobs. 😃

  5. I am definitely interested in the leaf blower! We could really use something light and what caught my attention most, “quiet!” So many are too loud for me to find useful. I think anyone with a large garden space could benefit from a few new tools!

  6. The edging of your border looks lovely, it looks like shells? I have just recently bought the Stihl cordless combi which works with the attachments from my old petrol one. It’s SO much better – quieter and not smelly. It is pretty tiring to use for hours, but the stress is on your arm muscles more than your hands, and I use it with the harness from the old combi. A new attachment called a rotary cutting head is wonderful – it’s like a circular hedge trimmer and can go right up to the edges of walls or gravel driveways without throwing stones around or digging holes in the wall. I love their baby chain saws as well.

    • The flowerbed is mulched with wood chips. 😃 That sounds like a good device Cath. Especially the rotary cutting head. We have a petrol one for longer or bigger jobs, but it is too heavy for me. The cordless ones are good aren’t they! I find I can pick it up and use it without even considering if it is worth getting it out! Baby chain saws sound cool…. we are going to start making our own firewood again this winter so I might look into that… 😉

  7. I’m so happy for you, Cathy. It’s amazing to see tools improve over the years. We have a company here called RYOBI that sells similar items. One battery is interchangeable with drills, leaf blowers, and other DIY tools. I have a light-weight leaf blower and it is so easy to use. My hips are in poor shape (torn labrum, both sides) so anything that keeps me from squatting is good. I hope you’ll feel better as time goes on.

    • I am beginning to realize I am no spring chicken any more and must reduce my bending and lifting! Is a hip replacement a possibility to keep you mobile?

  8. Interesting to read about your labour saving devices Cathy and I hope that they are making life easier for you. I will have to see if the make is available here. I’m less mobile than I was and have a hand problem although oddly enough not with the hand I broke in two places. Time to indulge in some useful tools methinks.

    • Hi Anna. I think I sprained my wrist in the spring and now my whole hand is inflamed, so I am trying to use it as little as possible. I really recommend a lightweight trimmer. I went for the lightest I could find and it has significantly reduced time spent tidying edges and cutting the odd patch of weeds. I am learning to put up with a few weeds in the beds though. 😉

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