In a Vase on Monday: Dilly Dallying

Sunday was a lazy day, rather too hot and humid to do much. But with rain and thunderstorms forecast for today I decided to cut flowers for my Monday vase nonetheless.

Notiice my new Tree of Life garden ornament in the Herb Bed. πŸ˜‰

The dill has been amazing this year and I realize now it has been grateful for extra water, being planted in the Veg Bed as well as the dry Herb Bed. Before it goes to seed I wanted to use the flowers in a vase, so that was the starting point.

Another success this summer is the Cosmos ‘Fizzy White’ in the Moon Bed. I got tired of getting so much foliage and so few flowers on Cosmos Purity, so grew this one instead this year – a winner! There are plenty to spare for cutting. πŸ˜ƒ

While moving slowly around the garden (it was REALLY hot!) I noticed the grasses are now starting to make a statement. The one in my vase is Calamagrostis Karl Foerster. I love its rapid growth in spring and the deep golden seedheads in summer and autumn.

Then I added a Sanguisorba seedhead and some white Borage (which seems less attractive to the bees than the blue).Β But the arrangement needed something to pep it up…. ah yes, Tithonia!


These have been wonderful this summer too, reaching a grand 1.8m and flowering like mad.

So that is my contriibution to Cathy’s meme – do visit her at Rambling in the Garden to see her vase and catch all the other links to vases this week. πŸ˜ƒ


Wishing you a sunny (but not too hot!) week in your gardens. πŸ˜ƒπŸŒ»πŸ

50 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Dilly Dallying

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous cosmos! I keep seeing these wonderful big and fluffy cosmos in IAVOM, and it’s inspired me to buy 4 different types of seed last week. Do you grow yours in punnets? or direct plant them? It’s still quite cold so I won’t be planting them for a while, but it will be a long while if I wait for the ground to warm up. I love dill in arrangements, it’s such a cool colour, and picks up the centres of the cosmos. They look great with the tithonia which is a more vibrant red than the orangey ones I have grown.

    • I grow my seeds in 9cm pots and plant them out after the danger of frosts has passed, which is late May here. The Tithonia is T. rotundifolia ‘Torch’. I did grow a T. diversifolia once, and that was golden yellow. I have ordered my Cosmos seed for next year already (!) and couldn’t find this one, so will try the ‘Snow Puff’ white one from the Double Click series. Which ones are you going to grow?

  2. Your dill is a lovely feature and that Tithonia nearly steals the show, but I keep going back to Cosmos β€˜Fizzy White’. It’s definitely a winner. Have a good week, Cathy.

  3. That Cosmos really is beautiful, and it’s a wonderful vase as a whole. I’ve never had much luck with Cosmos,too dry in summer here, I suspect, although this would have been the year to try again! I love the dill as well – and the white borage is new to me. I like it, but if the bees can’t find it…

    • The white Borage was a nice experiment, but does not make much of an impact and I won’t bother with it again… it will be interesting to see if it sows itself around like the blue one though!

  4. Those dill flowers are great and remind me of an annual I grew one year which looked similar but whose name I can’t remember – must check and grow it again!. Those cosmos look great – you should get on well with DC Snow Puff which is one of the ones I grow and in fact the only one of mine that has done well this year, apart from a DC Cranberries imposter! I really like your use of the circular shot at the end and must remember to do it myself more often πŸ˜‰

    • I had some Double Click Rose Bonbon Cosmos too, and they really are double (unlike most of the Cranberry ones again this year) and very pretty, but very short and they have not done well. I have given up trying to work out what ails them! Snowpuff looks really nice. I think you showed it on your
      blog too. Since Brexit became official I have found a German seed supplier that appears to get their seed from all the big European seed wholesalers including Thompson and Morgan. And yet T&M and Chiltern and several others are still not sending to the EU themselves. Thank goodness the bulb companies have got their act together though and normal service has been resumed there at least!

      • Yes, it’s such a shame for those who are used to buying from the UK but I suppose understandable for the seed suppliers who have had such a lot of paperwork and expense. I wonder if they will reintroduce their service at some point? Sadly in most cases it seems to apply to Northern Ireland too, whch seems grossly unfair

  5. A sunny bouquet to reflect the sunny day! Thanks for braving the heat and humidity to collect the blooms. I’m taking note of that Cosmos as I’ve been disappointed by the blooms on the noID variety I grew from plugs this year.

  6. Your Cosmos always make me jealous. I grow spider mites when I plant Cosmos. I love the color of Dill flowers in arrangements, it sets off the white and orange perfectly! I think Dill does like more water than other herbs, can’t grow it here in summer, so I am waiting for cooler weather and Dill.

  7. Wait! What? Bees actually prefer the blue borage to the white?! Actually, I read that somewhere else also. Borage happens to be one of the few flowers that (I believe) actually looks better in blue than white (if you can believe that). I mean, blue is just a ‘natural’ color for it. White is rather bland, and sort of seems to be ‘unnatural’. I grow neither, and would have difficult deciding on which color to grow if presented with a choice. If I ever get around to growing it, I will likely get blue borage from someone else’s garden. I will not go out of my way for white. Do you find the blue to be prettier than the white? Anyway, I did not intend to get carried away with ‘white’ again, and managed to avoid mentioning how splendid the ‘Fizzy . . . ‘ cosmos are.

    • Haha! I know you love white flowers, but this one can only be described as ‘non-descript’! If you didn’t know it was there among the other herbs you wouldn’t notice it. I definitely prefer the blue. I think the stems of the white one are a bit paler than the blue too. Yes, the white cosmos are great and especially show up nicely at dusk. πŸ˜ƒ

      • Okay, then it is not just me. Splendid! I really do not want to be the one to say something bad about white.
        Jacaranda trees that are so popular in Southern California sometimes bloom white. (The old trees were mostly grown from seed, which exhibited a minor degree of genetic variability.) Those that do so really do not look like much. I mean, it is the rich purplish blue or purple that makes them so striking!

  8. Cathy, you turn out winning vases, week after week. This is lovely. I had one great summer of Cosmos, never to be seen again. I must try your tactic of a new variety. I hope you get a cool down soon.

    • It does seem that the new varieties work best. I am going to grow yet another different variety next year as I couldn’t find seeds for this one, although it will no doubt seed itself anyway! It is indeed cooler and damp, but a nice breather after the heat!

  9. I love the Cosmos, they are divine. The Dill is wonderful, I love like the Tithonia. He is a magnificent, fabulous, charming vase, I love it. By the way your ornament “The Tree of Life” I love. Don’t be hot and have a good weather. Take care. Happy gardening and have a great week. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸŒ»πŸπŸ¦‹

  10. Beautiful, Cathy. I love the flowering dill and at the moment, I’m plucking Cosmos like crazy! Mine reseeded this year and have taken over. Fortunately, it is a happy flower. And I love your Tree of Life garden ornament. It’s very special. πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks Cathy. I’m ashamed to confess that I still think in feet and inches so will look up a conversion chart πŸ˜‚ I’m good on kilometres into miles though – must be all those holidays in France in the camper van.

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