In a Vase On Monday: Late Summer Colour

August was wet and cool and I spent less time in the garden than I would have liked. 🤪 But at least my sunflowers did not succumb to any of the storms or heavy rainshowers and they are still looking good! So that is what I chose for my Monday vase, as I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her wonderful meme.

(Look at those black clouds again!)

This heavy vase was literally stuffed with sunflowers, Tithonia, Rudbeckia, Heliopsis and grasses. There is even a sprig of fennel in there too.

The Tithonia are still going strong, despite some cool nights under 10°C.

I noticed after taking the photos that a stem of the Pennisetum had escaped. It was immediately tucked in safely, although the grasses last well without water too. I used Miscanthus Federweisser, which is just opening, and I also put my favourite Calamagrostis in – Karl Foerster.

A bonus vase this week is with Golden Rod and Himalayan Balsam. They are growing together just outside our fence, looking very innocent and rather pretty. I think they would like to come in, but they are both invasive non-natives, so I will not be encouraging them!

The Balsam has a strange soapy smell, otherwise I may have filled a vase with just them on their own.

And finally, I found that you can float sunflower heads! This is Earth Walker (I think) and it is lovely being able to see it up close like this. Some of my flowers have broken off in the wind, so I discovered this by chance when trying to preserve them. I can recommend it!

I am looking forward to a much more promising September weather-wise.

If we can believe the weather forecast. 😉

But I do also feel for all those facing stormy weather in the US as hurricane season gets underway. Wishing you all a safe week and calm weather!



32 thoughts on “In a Vase On Monday: Late Summer Colour

  1. There is nothing like cheery sunflowers. Yes, the hurricane was quite bad for our Louisiana neighbors with high winds, flooding and many areas will be without electric for weeks. As neighbors do, many from our state is heading over to help.

  2. What a glorious late summer concoction – grasses make a great accompaniment for lovely mix of sunflowers and for other vases too, so I should try and remember to use them myself more. I was a bit concerned to see the Himalayan Balsam in your other vase as you certainly don’t want it to get a toehold inside your garden. Lovely to see the Earthwalker sunflower, one I have not grown for a few years

    • The Himalayan Balsam is more and more profuse here, but it seems not to be too much of a problem so far despite fears and initial attempts at eradicating it. The Canadian Golden Rod has, however, almost completely suppressed the native Solidago. I will be vigilant as we have enough weeds in the garden as it is! (Thistles galore….. 🙃)

      • Isn’t it prone to spread through seeds falling into waterways? I might do a Six on Saturday about weeds one week – most of the worst offenders here are small, but just as weedy! I will confess though to minimal weeding during the main growing season, which doesn’t help of course!

        • The Himalaya Balsam does tend to grow near water, so you are no doubt right. I read an article about it some time ago and they have actually stopped trying to control it here and it is not getting worse. Apparently it is a valuable source of nectar and pollen for honey bees late in the season. A post about weeds would be interesting! Everyone seems to have different weeds, so it would be an eye-opener. 😉

  3. I like the way you have combined those blooms, and the summer light and grey clouds really set off the orange and yellow hues nicely. Have a good week, and thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Noelle. After those last black clouds dispersed on Monday we are finally getting clear blue skies. Wonderful, combined with the September light. 😃

  4. Lovely and perfect pre Autumn treat. I like grasses and they punctuate the season,,,providing commas for fall! I enjoyed seeing the sunflower in plan view. Hope the weather guessers are correct…

  5. Sunshiney summer flowers! Very cheering and beautiful. 🙂
    Thanks for the caring thoughts about our weather– not a good summer for the US, unfortunately, with no sign of it abating any time soon.

  6. Oh gee! That first vase is exquisite of course, but I do like that goldenrod! I know it is not a preferred flower in most regions, but this is not most regions. It is not naturalized here. (There is supposedly a native species, but I am unfamiliar with it.)

  7. I’ll remember the floating sunflower idea! All those warm colors are appealing. I love sunflowers and wish I had more of them to enjoy this year but either some of the seeds I sowed didn’t sprout for some reason, or the rabbits ate half my seedlings when I wasn’t looking. Tithonia is a flower I admire greatly but somehow keep forgetting to sow the seeds. I couldn’t help admiring those clouds in the background of your photos either…

    • Wish I could have sent you some of our rain Kris. The garden is absolutely saturated making mowing tricky…. the grass just keeps growing this year! It has been a good year for sunflowers though and I have seen many tall ones in other gardens too. 😃

    • 😉 Yours was lovely though too, and I am grateful for seeing the Althaea in it. 😃 We are now heading into autumn, so I had to use the sunflowers before they all start looking tatty and wilted. Cool nights already….

  8. So warm and cheerful, lovely vase, Cathy. I wish some black clouds would come our way 😉 . After a cool and wet start into summer it’s now getting seriously dry. Thankfully we have less wind and lower temperatures than usual. Hope all is well especially the new(ish) family member, a big cuddle for her and love to you both.

    • Thank you Annette! 🤗 Anouk is doing really well, although she doesn’t like visitors. She also does not want to get in the car. But we are working on that! I didn’t realize you have had dry weather through August. It has probably been the coolest and wettest August I have seen since living here… which is now 28 years! Hope you get the odd shower to see you through summer. Love to you and your loved ones! 😃🦋🐝

  9. Hah, the sunflower in a dish is brilliant 🙂
    I’m glad you love ‘Karl Foerster’, I do as well and was a little put off this summer when an excellent gardener gave it the thumbs down! I feel much better about it now 😉

    • I love all Karl Foerster plants but especially the Calamagrostis. The nursery I buy from online focuses on his style of planting and his own cultivars so I suppose they have influenced my planting choices too. (My other favourite gardener is Piet Oudolf. 😃)

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