The Bird Bath

When I planned the Oval Bed a couple of years ago I imagined a birdbath in the centre of the ‘keyhole’. Something natural, made of local stone. Either light granite, which is common here on the edge of the Bavarian Forest, or limestone which is typical for areas along the River Danube.

Well, the bed took shape and was planted up. I initially wanted to call it The Bird Bath Bed, but without a bird bath that seemed inappropriate! 🙃Here it is in late May 2020.

And so the search for a bird bath began. Spring 2020 was perhaps not the best time to make any progress, but in the summer a few stone masons were visited, online shops were studied, but nothing seemed right.

I mentioned this to friends this spring, and not long after our friend Kurt offered me a huge lump of limestone, typical for the region where we used to live. I hesitated. It would mean chiselling out a dip in it for the water. But when my Man of Many Talents visited him soon after, Kurt had already made the shallow dip in the top surface of the stone!

So the stone sat in our yard for a long time, and the Oval Bed filled out in the spring and summer. Here it is in June of this year…

But then, yesterday, the forks were mounted on the tractor,  the stone was gently lifted, and everso everso carefully it was finally transported…

… round to the garden behind the house.

My Man of Many Talents had already measured it up and dug a hole exactly the right size and depth just where I wanted it.

It was slowly lowered in…

… and then with a bit of shovelling around we got it straight and filled in the edges with stones and soil. I quickly tidied up  the edges of the keyhole for the final photos.

The late afternoon light was perfect.

I am very happy with it. A big heartfelt THANK YOU to Kurt!

Today I ceremoniously poured some water into the indentation and now I am waiting for the birds to discover it. 🙂

38 thoughts on “The Bird Bath

  1. Oh job well done Cathy. Great to see how that area has developed since initially planted. I hope that the birds are soon regularly sipping at the birdbath.

  2. I love your birdbath! This is an ingenious use of a beautiful boulder. I enjoyed seeing more about how you not only envision your gardens, but then the necessary steps to execute the development. I’m so impressed with your progress, Cathy. This is really special.

  3. Your garden looks stunning, I‘d love to see it!!! That border has come come on so well and in such a short time, unbelievable. It reminds me a bit of Pam Lewis‘s Sticky Wicket. Don‘t know if you have her book, I‘m very fond of it. The birdbath is perfect and even more special as it‘s been given to you by a friend. It‘s precious to have such a wonderful ‚playground‘, isn‘t it?! We often say that of our place, it means so much in these crazy times. Big hug for you both xx

    • You must visit us! We have plenty of room upstairs, and a caravan too. 😉 I don’t know the book you mentioned but did look up Pam Lewis – her garden style is definitely something I can relate to. I still feel there is much to do here, with only a few simple beds so far, but when I consider how it looked when we came I am pleased with how quickly it is getting established! Yes, we see our piece of land as a playground too, and if something doesn’t work we just try again or do something different. 😉 We are both lucky we have so much space to play in, away from the terrible outside world Annette. Keep smiling. Hugs to you both too! xx

    • I have got into the habit of putting saucers of water around the garden for the insects, but find mostly wasps of all varieties sipping at them. We have had lots of hornets this year too and I was horrified to see them ‘hunting’ and devouring poor little bees. It reminded me of a post you wrote about them attacking your bees.

      • The ivy is flowering here and attracts a lot of pollinators but unfortunately that attracts the hornets too. These past two years we have had less of the foreign Asian hornets in the garden.

  4. I really appreciate the careful thought you put into everything, Cathy. This is a lovely piece of stone, now birdbath, and how nice to receive it from a friend in bird-ready condition. I’m sure the birds will be along in no time.

  5. That’s wonderful, Cathy – what a fortuitous find, and what a kind friend you have. No wonder you are thrilled with the result! I can imagine the final positioning and levelling won’t have been easy. I will always think of this area as the keyhole bed!

    • It really was kind of our friend to do all the hard work. Putting it in place with the tractor was a breeze, and it only took a little heaving and some additional stone underneath to get it level. 😃

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