In a Vase on Monday: Daisy, Daisy…

What amazing weather we are having this September! Almost all month it has been warm and sunny (albeit with some very chilly nights) and until today (some welcome light rain) I have been enjoying some pottering about. My garlic is planted. (The first time I have grown it). And some Salvia cuttings have been taken. (Another first for me). The tomatoes are over, runner beans almost finished too, but the zucchini… Well, I have kept a tab on my five plants all summer and they have produced 187 zucchini so far! Yes, 187! 😄 Will they make it to 200? Possibly, as four plants are still producing! (We have a freezer full of soup 🤪).

The Michaelmas Daisies are the highlight in my flower garden at the moment, so the perfect choice for my vase this week. The butterflies and bees (and the gardener) are in their element. 🦋🐝👩🏼‍🌾

The deep pink aster is Alma Poetschke. The blue at the front (looks lilac in the photo) is my new favourite ‘Marie Ballard’. Then there is an Ashvi, September Ruby, Lovely Pink, Mönch, and a few other unnamed ones.

Oh, but wait… something else has crept into the vase. Salvia azurea. Such a beautiful true blue. Makes me realise that the asters are not actually as blue as I thought.

Planted this spring it was a teeny weeny sickly looking thing. Yet it has done so well!

I am hoping it will survive the winter here.


Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme, which has turned my Mondays around. 😀

There are still a few asters to open yet, so October will be colourful too.

And here is a bonus vase, picked mid-week…

Hope you can enjoy the last few days of September in your gardens. 🌻