The Garden in November, 2021

The garden is still doing well in November, which somehow surprises me – but perhaps it is always so!

(I managed to get almost all the beds onto this one photo, taken from the terrace – albeit on Sunday 31 st October, so cheating a bit!)

Our first frost this year was October 10th, so a little later than previous years. Since then a few more have followed, so quite a few flowers have gone over now. But there is still loads of colour to cheer up these grey November days. 😃

Let’s start with the Butterfly Bed, sporting the Chrysanthemum ‘Anastasia’ I used in my vase the other day. It takes over from the adjacent pink Aster in mid October and will flower for another 2 or 3 weeks at least.

Another highlight in this bed is the leaves of perennial Geraniums changing colour… I like this unplanned combination with the lime green Euphorbia still looking lush.

At the back of the Butterfly Bed is my lovely ‘Red Chief’ Miscanthus. It isn’t as large as some, but from late October onwards the leaves and seedheads add some drama with their deep pinky red.

Moving across to the Oval Bed, two tall Miscanthus and the now faded Aster ‘September Ruby’ dominate. A mix of ground cover plants will provide winter interest for a month or two. I wonder if we will get much snow this winter….

The Miscanthus on the left is ‘Beth Chatto’, and the other one is ‘Federweißer’ – my favourite. To give you an idea of their size, the Aster is just short of 2 metres. I would recommend both Miscanthus, although my ‘Beth Chatto’ is a little later in gaining size and flowering than my others.

Beyond the Oval Bed is the Moon Bed, which was mostly planted in autumn last year and added to in the spring this year. Almost all the plants were in 9 cm pots, and still managed to put on so much growth, benefitting from the damp summer.

The colour scheme is white, cream and blue, drifting into purple. The white Aster ‘Ashvi’ and the Boltonia ‘Snowbank’, along with Aster ‘Barr’s Blue’ have kept this going into November, so I am pleased they seem to have settled in so well. Looking at it now I find it hard to believe that I could barely see the woodchip mulch only a few weeks ago. White Cosmos, Cleome and Gaura filled the spaces.

This Prickly Poppy, grown from seed, has flowered for months on end.

And naturally there are several grasses in this bed too. The Pennisetum is looking lovely at the moment.

Now a brief look at The ‘Edge, where my sunflowers were in the summer. The seeds were devoured in record time by the birds (and mice?!) and the remains are now on the compost heap. But there is still a lot of colour in this bed from plants like Cornus, Physocarpus and Pyracantha ‘Orange Charmer’.

A small yellow Chrysanthemum also adds some sparkle late in the season. 😃

The Herb Bed is simply glowing with another Pennisetum and my Witch Hazel adding golden hues…

And finally the Sunshine Bed, which is very very dry due to the trees behind it, and yet the Helianthus did well and the Chrysopsis does not seem bothered even now…

November is not such a bad month after all, as long as the sun keeps popping out every now and then! Still, I am glad I have managed to get all my spring bulbs in as it is rather chilly these days.

Hope you have plenty of mild and sunny days ahead now the nights are drawing in. Happy gardening and thanks for reading!



29 thoughts on “The Garden in November, 2021

  1. How beautiful your beds are (and especially) in autumn, Cathy. The grasses really shine, along with the asters and mums, and the beautiful foliage of perennials like geranium.
    I’m enjoying the ‘less celebrated’ colors of shrubs and perennials, now that the tree leaves are mostly down. A last hurrah that I really appreciate!

  2. I haven’t seen a picture of all of your garden before as in the first picture, it immediately reminded me of a curved auditorium. An impressive view from the stage!
    I do like M. Red Chief.

  3. Your garden still looks so lovely for this late in the year. We just had our first and second hard frosts, so nothing is left now. It is hard to let go of everything knowing how long we have to wait until we see our beloved plants in their full splendor again.
    I didn’t realize your yard was so massive. I would have a hard time controlling myself with that much land to play with.

    • We have had light frosts so far, but most of the colour is foliage and grasses or the very hardy chrysanths which seem to shrug off frost (but aren’t happy if it stays too wet). I am trying to limit my flower beds to what I can manage alone. Most are low maintenance, so the garden may grow a bit again next year…. 😉

  4. Cathy, you are growing and tending the most amazing garden. It’s nice seeing things at the end of the season, and noting how much they’ve grown. Isn’t that fun? Will this all receive a blanket of snow for a few months, or does it depend from year to year? I enjoyed seeing all the beds captured in one photo. You are a gardening goddess!

    • Hi Alys. We sometimes have snow for a few weeks, but it varies a lot and some years we hardly have any. I do like to see everything white and clean, but hate the slush and ice that makes walking difficult. Hard frosts when everything gets coated in a layer of ice are pretty, with sunshine and blue skies of course. 😃☀️❄️

  5. I’m so impressed with how abundant your beautiful garden beds are so late In the year, Cathy. Do you get to a point where you need to cut everything back before snow?

    • I do cut back some things, or partially prune larger shrubs like the Buddleia, but a lot of leaves and stems will get left until spring as they help protect the plants against hard frosts. My grasses remain until late winter and I am always sad when I have to cut them down!

  6. Cathy, the scale of your garden is astounding and the design is wonderful. I love the curves and the way you have established the plantings. Everything looks nice and fresh despite that you’ve already been getting frosts. Enjoy, enjoy!

  7. I’ve been visiting your garden silently for a while now but this is the first time I’ve commented. I love the design of your garden and your choice of plants is fabulous. You make such good use of grasses and I’d love to be able to do the same in my own garden.

  8. Miscanthus Red Chief is amazing, I haven’t seen that before. All your grasses look at home in your very open setting, I bet they sway nicely in the breeze too. Early frosts you get! We haven’t had any yet…

    • We have had September frosts two years in a row, so I always hold my breath and keep my fingers crossed! I love autumn and I suppose that is why I am drawn to grasses and colourful foliage. Yes, they do sway in the breeze (and strong winds!) and give lovely structure in winter too. 😃

  9. It is always so interesting to see the bigger picture of your garden, Cathy, as it so different from most of ours. Seeing it develop from scratch has been such an interesting journey and, with so much space to play with, presumably you will jot feel the need to stuff your borders the way I do. Your grasses look especially wonderful

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