Join me for another ‘Week of Flowers’!

At this time of year the sun only makes it through the fog occasionally, which can make life pretty dreary. However, usually there are nice distractions to look forward to in December and the traditional Advent time; drinking mulled wine with friends at the Christmas markets, sitting around a table with friends and neighbours enjoying some homemade cookies and spiced tea, or braving the exciting hustle and bustle of the town centre to get some Christmas shopping done.

Well, once again all that will not be possible and a grim Christmas season faces us here in Germany. So, as an alternative distraction I am asking you, my blogging friends, to join me in sharing some extra colour and cheer next week.

Parrot tulips and Muscari, April 2021

Parrot tulips and Muscari, April 2021

Last year my Week of Flowers 2020 was such a success, with so many people from around the world joining me and posting wonderful colourful photos from their gardens. It really did me good, and the feedback was amazing. Let’s do it again! All you have to do to join in is post one flowery photo a day, for a week, starting from Wednesday 1st December, 2021. Put a link to your post in the comments section on my daily post, and turn on the sunshine!

If you are too busy to share a photo on each of the seven days, just join in when you want. Every single contribution will be appreciated by us all!

Tithonia, July 2021

Tithonia, July 2021

So, from Wednesday the 1st December through to Tuesday the 7th December 2021 let’s share a flower (or two) a day.

Are you with me? 😃😘😃

46 thoughts on “Join me for another ‘Week of Flowers’!

  1. Oh I’m sorry that the festive season is not going to be as you hoped for Cathy but I’m sure that you will still find some pleasures. Here we now face a period of uncertainty with the unwelcome arrival of the new variant. I will certainly try to join in with your ‘Week Of Flowers’. I really enjoyed it last year. I’ve not taken many photos this year but certainly have plenty in the archives which I can dig out 😃

  2. Hi Cathy – I will join in again. I remember you needed an uplift after the death of your much-loved dog! I found it very uplifting too – although last year I was fortunate enough not to lose a friend like that. I guess you are starting on Wednesday? I must try and nip over and see the vases tomorrow – nothing in my garden at the moment and we had some snow this morning!

    • Oh good. Yes, Wednesday. And it is lovely to hear from you. Yes, a year since our Gina went and now we have another old doggie to look after! Same here with the weather, but I might find some seedheads for a vase again.

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  4. Cathy I would love to join and I will try to do so, although I have very few photos, because I have not been to the country house for two years and the last year that I went with my dear Father we had to come to the emergency room four days to admit him to a Madrid Hospital where he died eleven days later. I am very depressed and my back, lower back and hip are starting to hurt and I think I am going to have another “attack” of very strong pain. If he hits me, I can’t move and I can’t pick up the computer or anything. I hope you don’t attack me and I am encouraged to participate in your FABULOUS FLOWER WEEK, I love it. Be very careful with the Covid. Take care of yourself. Happy and good week. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita.

  5. I must have been absent from the blogging world this time last year. I’m sorry for all your losses, Cathy. I love the idea of sharing flowers across our blogs and around the world. Thank for getting this going. xo

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  7. This is a wonderful and joyful exercise even in the eyes of someone blessed with a climate that offers far fewer dreary days in winter. I’ve already published another post (on hummingbirds) today but I’ll see if I can join sometime this week! Even here, it’s nice to remember that spring is just around the corner.

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  13. You have the right idea to focus on the beauty at hand, Cathy. I hope you will find many ways to enjoy the Advent season, despite so many restrictions. All the changes in our lives are a lot to take in!

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