A Week of Flowers 2021, Day Four

It is already Day Four of my Week of Flowers where I invite you to join me in posting a flowery photo or two every day, through to 7th December. This time of year we in the northern hemisphere crave colour and light. What better way than to sift through photos of the past year and share them. Please join me if you can, and leave a link in the comments below. 😃

Lychnis coronaria, ‘Angel’s Blush’

I sowed these Lychnis in 2020 and this summer they flowered for the first time. They are very pretty and rather unusual, with their two-tone flowers. I must admit, however, that I prefer the deep pink ones. In fact, I do seem to have an awful lot of pink in my garden…..

Echinacea Green Envy was in its second year this summer and I am therefore optimistic it will survive long-term, unlike some of the more recent hybrids I have tried to grow. The Nigella was grown from seed and will no doubt pop up again this year, but I do always buy extra seed, as a year without any Nigella/Love-in-a-mist in the garden would be sad indeed!

Do you grow Nigella?

Thanks for reading and joining me today. Have a great weekend!


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