A Week of Flowers 2021, Day Five

Time is flying by and we are on Day Five of my Week of Flowers. Please do join in if you would like to, and post a flowery photo or two (adding your link in the comments below) for the last few days of my now annual meme, intended to brighten up the drab winter days in the northern hemisphere. If you have missed the last four days, the links are in the sidebar. Enjoy!

Geum chiloense ‘Blazing Sunset’

I am in need of some warm colours today, so am sharing deep orange and red.

The Geum ‘Blazing Sunset’ is now in several spots in the garden. I grew a few plants from seed a few years ago and they have proved to be very resilient to whatever extremes of weather we get! One day, if I ever track one down, I would like the famous ‘Tangerine Dream’ Geum, which I first saw on the blog of our dear blogging friend Dorris, who took part in this meme last year. She very sadly passed away suddenly a week later. We never met, but she was a great inspiration to me, and a great gardener. 💕

The sunflower above is most probably Earth Walker and was a beauty. (Next year I will label the sunflowers!) The last photo is a Blanket Flower grown for the first time this summer. Sweet memories.

Wishing you all a warm cosy Advent Sunday and many thanks again for reading and/or joining in. This is doing me the world of good! 😃🤗

27 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers 2021, Day Five

  1. Beautiful warming mix for a chilly day, Cathy! Love the blanket flower. I’ve always had a dream to see them wild. How very sad about Dorris – I shall look out for Tangerine Dream and remember her.

    • Thanks Cathy. I have seen that Geum on offer online as plants, but they are always sold out when I find them! And seed doesn’t seem available here yet. I shall keep my eye on Chiltern Seeds website though as they appear to finally be delivering outside the UK. Not sure if that includes Germany.

    • Thank you Susie. There are several different geums available here, mostly the sort that like shade and damp though, which does not fit what I can offer!

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  3. I love Geums! I have several and Red Wings was a new one this year. I wonder if ‘Totally Tangerine’ might be the same as Tangerine Dream? I even have a Geum flowering at the moment – ‘Bell Bank’ – goodness knows what time of year it thinks it is!
    Today I am showing a common flower here in Cornwall, this one is still looking good:

    A Week of Flowers: Day Five

    • Hi Jude. Well, when googling it looks like Totally Tangerine and Tangerine Dream could be the same thing! I also looked up Bell Bank. What a pretty one, but not one I could grow here I think… too dry in my garden. I also have Mai Tai and Gold Ball.

  4. The red flowers look particularly appealing at this time of year! I’ve planted several Geum but have yet to get more than 2 flowers total – I haven’t pulled the plants though as I still have hope they’ll bloom with more gusto one year.

    • That is a shame Kris. Perhaps they just need another year to get established? My plants have got bigger and stronger over the past couple of years.

    • Thanks Anna. I associate a lot of flowers and plants I grow with people or places! 😉 I always think of you, for example, when I see my Geranium phaeum coming into flower! 😃

  5. I’m so sorry to read of the loss of your blogging friend. That must have been a terrible shock, and at the end of a year with so much loss and sorrow.

    I’ve not heard of geum before. I’m learning so much this week, Cathy. Your first photo is a stunner.

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