26 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Snow on Mount Everest

  1. Stunning! You actually have snow, and my ground is bare here on the seacoast area of NH lol thankfully as I now have a bunch of free garden mulch to spread to block next year’s weeds.

    The winds are nasty here but not like the tornados parts of the USA were leveled by.

    Cathy will you now be back to baking on these long cold winter nights? I have to skip the sweets but lots of soups will be made here for when I come in from using the tractor to clear snowstorms, I will have something to warm me. Have a great week but enjoy your Sunday.

    • Hi Eunice. We have had quite a bit but it is melting again… We are cutting down on sugar too, so no cookies this year! We just had zucchini soup which I froze in summer, and it will be soups and stews for another month or two to use up squash, beans and kohlrabi. 😃 Do you have a cab on your tractor? Stay warm and take care! xx

      • No cab for this girl 🙂 though I was told if I sold it I would get back every dime then I could get a smaller model with a backhoe for digging to plant large trees and fence posts not sure what I want to do but snow removal is brutal with no cover out in the wind.

        • It’s a dilemma. But a cab would be nice. My partner clears snow with his ATV and it is cold work, but he does some hand shovelling in between to warm up!

          • 🙂 ya no shoveling for us anymore unless it is for gold and treasure. lol I wait until the storm is over in most cases and the sun comes out. Here it is December and we have just had a dusting so far.

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