In a Vase on Monday: Valentine’s Day Flowers

To celebrate Valentine’s Day I made an apple strudel….

😉 …. and cut my first Hellebores. I was also able to use a new vase – or should I say ‘set of vases’ – for the first time. 😃

The three glass vases are suspended in a wooden frame. It was a fairly cheap online purchase and I am rather pleased with it.

The Hellebores are unknown as the labels turned out to be incorrect, except for the middle one, which is ‘Early Red’ – one of the ‘Ice ‘n’ Roses’ collection. It actually looks more pink in this photo.

A few slightly warmer days recently have encouraged some plants to start sending up tentative shoots. But the nights are still frosty and the wind very chilly, so these hellebores are the only thing flowering to date, apart from the Witch Hazel I planted last spring:

Hamamelis ‘Diane’

The weak sun hasn’t managed to bring out the scent yet, but it looks pretty anyway.

Why not visit our host Cathy at Rambling in the Garden to see what she has found for a vase today.

Have a good week!

42 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Valentine’s Day Flowers

  1. What a great way to display these 3 hellebore blooms, an idea I might pinch to ask the Golfer to make a frame to hold some of the test tube bottles I have. What a shame that the hellebores were mislabeled. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your witch hazel too – most of mine are almost over, but at least some were still in bloom for visitors yesteday

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Cathy! Your apple streudel looks most delicious. Funnily enough we were only talking a few days ago about the best apple streudel we have ever eaten which was in Munich 😋 You must be so excited to have flowers in the garden after a long winter and your new set of glass vases is an excellent set up for displaying hellebore flowers.

    • I think Bavarian and Austrian strudels are indeed the best. 😉 Yes, the end of winter is now in sight, but that storm is on its way right now and the wind is icy cold!

  3. Celebrate Hellebores and Witch Hazel today. I love your cost effective vase! Such fun to find a good bargain. I would like some of that apple strudle. Happy Valentines Day. Is it a pastry crust like pie but thinner?

    • Thankfully the deer can’t get in here, but the hares have returned with their families, so I expect some of my plants will be nibbled as soon as they start to shoot!

      • I’d love some hares! Years ago they were playing in our drive or boxing rather, not for a while now…BUT the owl nestbox is occupied, very happy with that 🙂

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