In a Vase on Monday: Daffs

This time last week I was bragging about our mini ‘heatwave’… it hit 17°C one day. (For March almost a record!) Well, today we still have snow on the ground after a very icy weekend and 9 degrees of frost last night!

Nonetheless, I managed to find a few small Narcissi for a vase, so that I could join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, along with all the other amazing floral arrangers who contribute to her Monday meme. 😃

I am not sure of all the names, but Hawera is at the front, along with Tête Bouclé, Rip van Winkle, Thalia and a couple more. And a cowslip. 😃

Luckily my freshly sown babyleaf and radishes survived the frost under layers of fleece. But now I hear a storm is on the way! April is living up to its reputation…

I hope you have some nice weather this week, wherever you are.

Happy gardening!

28 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Daffs

  1. I saw daffodils all over the Pacific Northwest last week. Some that seemed to be naturalized on the roadsides also seemed to be fancier cultivars. (I would have guessed that feral daffodils are reverted to resemble something like ‘King Alfred’.) It was nice to see so many after they finished bloom here; but now that I am back, I find that a few are still blooming here also!

    • In the UK I have seen some flowering as early as Christmas and yet they are always pictured on Easter cards! Here in Germany I rarely see any that have naturalised but it is a lovely sight when I do spot some by the roadsides. 😃

  2. Cheerful and very charming, every one! I hope you get some warmer weather that actually sticks, although it seems we’re continuing to get weather whiplash in my part of the world too – last week it was cold (and we even got a little rain) but later this week we’re expecting temperatures in the 90sF (32C) .

  3. How bright and cheerful. Glad spring is taking hold and hopefully the storm eases by without a growl. We’re supposed to get a good amount of rain but also warmer temps. I’m sure spring will explode in the next few days!

    • It has certainly got greener since the rain and snow last weekend, even with the low temperatures. Looks like next week could be a turning point.

  4. Sun and rain and frost to boot. You’ve had a varied spring so far, Cathy. We’re expecting a heat wave here this week. It’s supposed to be absurdly hot. Your vase is lovely, just like you.

  5. Oh gosh, whatever next, Cathy – hope springs returns again soon. Your little vase of daffs is really sweet, and a ray of sunshine amidst your inclement weather

  6. We had that same dip in temperatures too Cathy albeit not as drastic as yours! A most illustrious gathering of daffodils. I’ve not come across ‘Tête Bouclé’ before so that is one for me to investigate 😂

  7. I like that you added the cowslip to give a colour and size comparison. You have a lovely variety of choice miniature daffodils. Let us hope we get a little gentle warmish rain in the month, with no more heavy frost or snow surprises. Have a good week.

    • I am sure you must miss them, and your garden in general. But you have made the most of what small space is available to you in your new home, which must be a joy as well.

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