In a Vase on Monday: For Fear of Being a (helle)Bore….

Yes, it’s Monday again and I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with her lovely meme where we are invited to plonk something from our gardens into a vase to share each week. And, as the title suggests, I am using hellebores AGAIN!

I have tucked them all tightly into my hare jug.

They are starting to fade a little, giving them that shabby vintage look. What’s more, as they age, they last longer in a vase. So fingers crossed….

My various attempts at keeping newly opened hellebores fresh in a vase this winter produced no conclusive result, except that – as is often the case with gardening – it is a matter of luck. 😉

We have had such a nasty cold spell, with heavy frosts. But some warm sunny days are ahead. So it made sense to use the hellebores while they are still looking perky. Today is still chilly, but look at that blue sky in the background. 😃

Do go and visit Cathy’s blog and see what she and others are sharing in their vases today. Why not join in?

Happy gardening!



30 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: For Fear of Being a (helle)Bore….

  1. Nice, nice, nice! Loving the flowers, jug and sky. 🙂 It’s been cold here, too, growth seems to be on pause. Might see some warmer temps today and tomorrow, fingers crossed.

  2. A clever title, Cathy, but you could never be a bore sharing your splendid assortment of hellebores. If I had such a wonderful collection, I’d be sharing mine regularly too. Mine have been reluctant to bloom much at all this year but hope always remains that they’ll do better next year.

    • Mine thrive in the cold and damp winters here, so I am not surprised they struggle in your climate Kris. Although there are so many different hybrids these days!

  3. Oh the massed hellebores look wonderful – you have given me the urge to create something similar here, with blooms that have begun to form seedheads. I moved one of my hellebores today, and there must be literally dozens of blooms on it – aren’t they wonderful when they become a well established clump?

  4. I was given my first Hellebore plant for my birthday (March) and it is just starting to bloom. I had never been familiar with the plant until you introduced them to me. I love your arrangement, Cathy. It’s obvious spring is making a happy appearance. 🙂

  5. Fabulous and sumptuous, great title with a lovely play on words, but ironic since none of us could be bored by such beauty, Thank you for sharing your abundance.

  6. Are hellebores boring?! I likely mentioned before that I am one of those few who are none too keen on them. They perform poorly here, perhaps because of the mild winter weather, or perhaps because of the aridity, or perhaps because I do not groom them. What is worse is that my colleague used to grow them. I never felt right about providing clients with something that I suspected would not perform any better for them than it does for us. Nonetheless can, there is a demand for them, even here. Anyway, it is sometimes gratifying to see how well the bloom elsewhere, and that they can work well as cut flowers. I would not find them to be boring if they looked like that!

  7. No danger of your hellebores being boring Cathy! I love seeing other people’s flowers. As you say a certain degree of shabby chic is creeping in but they still look most elegant and classy. They certainly age better than I am 😂

    • 😉 They do age well, don’t they. And I suppose all gardeners love hellebores like these, even if they can’t grow them in their climate.

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