A Flamboyant Parrot Tulip – Texas Gold

I grew a gorgeous parrot tulip this year called Texas Gold. It opened the second week of May and looked like this….

A lovely shape, a beautiful strong golden yellow colour, and some green streaks. I knew it should have a slight flaming around the edges as I had grown it before, so I watched it over the next week or so and on May 16th it looked like this.

Now, isn’t that pretty?

But then the petals started to develop an orangey red tinge all over. This was only two days later…

And now most of them have turned almost completely orange with only a little golden yellow remaining. Wow!

I feel I got more than my money’s worth with this tulip.😃

Did you have a favourite tulip this spring?

24 thoughts on “A Flamboyant Parrot Tulip – Texas Gold

  1. Wow, I love the orangey hues that develop as the flower ages. Lovely that you observed it so closely and shared that experience with us. Observation, in my view is one of the most enjoyable aspects of gardening.

    • This tulip would not allow me to ignore it! 😉 It really lights up the ‘Edge bed and is very noticeable from all corners of the garden.

  2. My favorite tulips are those that I see in pictures from other people’s gardens. Not only do I not grow them, but if I did, they would be the simple and ‘less interesting’ sort that I like, and probably white. Other people’s wild colors and floral forms are more fun.

    • I wonder who gives the tulips their names! My friend had one called Cleveland once, but it was probably from Holland, like most of them!

    • 😉 I might just do that. They would be great in my spring containers and would probably flower earlier in them, thus extending the season!

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