A Summer Evening

Just before I water my tomatoes I think I’ll put my feet up and soak up the beauty of the Oval Bed.

But I can’t stay seated for long – hummingbird hawk moths are visiting the Centranthus!

The evening light is lovely for taking photos.

So now I must get that watering done!

43 thoughts on “A Summer Evening

    • Thanks Judith. I find it hard to sit still in the garden though, and rarely manage more than a few minutes before finding something to do – a weed here, some deadheading there… ! LOL!

  1. It looks like a lovely place to sit and put your feet up, even if just for a few minutes. Your gardens have filled out so nicely. Your hard work and watering has paid off.

    • Thanks Cindy. I don’t need to water the garden beds, so it is only the tomatoes that are in tubs under cover thank goodness. And sometimes the veg beds. But we have had plenty of rain so far this year anyway! πŸ˜ƒ

  2. What a gorgeous place to put your feet up – if only for a minute! Watering would not seem like a chore amongst such beauty. And your hummingbird hawk moth is amazing – it really does look like its namesake!

  3. What a lovely view. I never seem to sit in my garden. I really should make time to, simply to enjoy it. And I ought to look out for the hummingbird hawk moths too, I have Centranthus!

    • Oh yes, they love Centranthus, and that is why I planted some here. I think many gardeners find it hard to sit in their gardens without working. If I want to relax we have some chairs out the back facing the countryside instead!

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