28 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Sunshine Bed in June

    • 😃 The Sunshine Bed actually now gets a little shade from the trees behind it that we planted… but too warm to be ‘bedding’ there today, even in the shade!

  1. Beautiful Cathy! Is that a sedum on the left? Or perhaps a euphorbia? It looks familiar but I can’t put a name to it. My sunshine beds get too much sun and aren’t looking as fresh and green as yours.

    • Hi Judith. It’s a Euphorbia (Euphorbia seguieriana). Fortunately my Sunshine Bed now gets a bit of shade from the trees behind it, but because of them it is very dry. The Euphorbia copes well in full sun in another dry part of the garden though. 😃

    • It is a rather dry bed that looks a bit sad until late spring but then shines until late autumn. 😃 It was made in spring 2019, so this will be its fourth summer – hard to believe how time has flown by!

  2. Love the red accent, and I can’t believe this bed is already four years old! Your drive will be a shady, tree-lined avenue in another couple years.

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