In a Vase on Monday: Summer Whimsy

With a hot summer weekend behind us I am enjoying a cool breeze this evening – all the windows have been thrown open to let some cool air circulate. Ahh, lovely! My vase today is also airy, with the aptly named Gaura ‘Cool Breeze’ floating above the arrangement, along with the Calamagrostis.


I actually started off with a sprig of Physocarpus. This is a shrub I only discovered last year and I am very impressed. I think this one is ‘Lady in Red’, and she really is a star. Not for the flowers (which are also pretty) but for the deep red foliage which lights up the ‘Edge border for most of the year. Then I added spikes of Heuchera flowers, Linaria, Calamagrostis and Verbena bonariensis.

At the base, some perennial sweet peas in pink and purple, and some matching Scabiosa. Oh, and a bit of pink Lychnis. I had forgotten how much I love that vivid deep pink. Hope it produces some seedlings this year!

The sweet peas don’t smell, but they do flower for a long time in our hot summers and cover the obelisks intended for clematis – I do have some clematis, but it struggles a bit here.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme. Do visit her and see the other vases this Monday from gardens across the globe!

Happy Summer!