18 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

    • Last year I saw one, but this year there are a few regular visitors. Lovely to hear them whirring past my ear while working in the garden!

  1. Well done for your brilliant photos ! I don’t think I’d manage to do that although we do have have quite a lot of these moths buzzing around our flowers. There’s a plant that is lethal for them “oenothera speciosa siskiyou” because they get their long proboscis trapped in the flowers and can’t escape. I was planning to get some of these pretty pink-flowered plants for the garden due to their resistance to drought but gave up the idea when I read this. Sorry for this rather morbid end to my comment !

    • Oh Judith, that is terrible! I must write to my nursery as they sell it – I think it should not be sold if it is such a lethal trap. I did grow it once, but it didn’t come back a second year for which I am now thankful. I am so glad you told me about it as I love these little creatures!

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