In A Vase on Monday: Fit for a Queen

On this momentous day in history I am joining the weekly meme with a nod to Queen Elizabeth.

The perennial sunflower ‘Lemon Queen’ and annual sunflower ‘Velvet Queen’ feature – along with an enormous yellow self-seeded sunflower – in my glorious vase today. They are partly a little washed out, as it has rained almost non-stop all week. I am not complaining, and neither is the garden! However, I do hope it remains dry in London for the thousands of people assembled there to watch the funeral procession today.


Not many of my sunflowers survived the summer, but as some of the flowers were bent to the ground, heavy with raindrops, I decided to cut them anyway.


I added a deep red Gaillardia at the centre, some of the last unspoilt stems of Golden Rod, Verbena bonariensis, the royal red Persicaria ‘Blackfield’ (my current favourite for withstanding the drought best 😃) and some Miscanthus ‘Federweisser’.

Do visit our meme host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. She has a lovely red, white and blue arrangement in tribute to the occasion.

40 thoughts on “In A Vase on Monday: Fit for a Queen

    • Lovely colourful arrangement Cathy and a beautiful tribute. I love that dark red galliarda. Do you know the variety? I only have the red and yellow ones or the plain yellow ones but they have been real survivors during this summer’s drought.

      • Yes, my Gaillardias did really well in the drought too. I planted three, supposedly ‘Burgunder’, together. Well, one is this lovely deep red and the other two are red and yellow, so I am not sure now what colour Burgunder should be!

    • Oh my goodness, I hope you could get some sleep in the day when it finished. I watched most of it and it must have been incredibly tiring for the royal family.

  1. What a beautiful colorful arrangement for the special occasion today. The sunflowers are one of my favorites! Celebrating the beautiful life she had is how I look at it and all the lives she’s touched in countless ways.

  2. Yes, such a lovely colourful vase, Cathy – and such a valid point from Jude. Did she wear bright yellow, I wonder? I am sure she will have done. The weather was indeed kind in London today, from what I saw. What a joyful collection of early autumn blooms you must have in your garden to create this vase 😊

  3. That’s a very thoughtful tribute to Queen Elizabeth, the only person that title ever conjures for me, although I’m fairly certain there are others in the world. Congratulations on the plentiful rain – I can’t even imagine a week of rain.

    • The rain has been a godsend Kris, and may have saved some of the shrubs and trees. It is very soggy out there though and gardening is a messy business right now! LOL!

    • I think we are getting a few dry days before it starts again. Time to clean my boots and hopefully mow a bit of the grass which has amazingly recovered in most parts of the garden!

  4. So glad you’ve had rain after the long drought. Nature is still be miserly here.
    Perfect that you had some queens in the garden to tribute to Her Majesty, may she RIP. She was a most remarkable woman.

  5. What a beautiful and fitting honor to remember a truly exceptional monarch. I have been glued to my television all day (and for several days, actually!)

    So pleased to hear about your rain, too. We had a little, too. Could use a lot more, of course, but everything got a nice bath. 🙂

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