In a Vase on Monday: Heavenly Blue

A very late flowering Salvia lends its name to the title of my vase this week. Salvia ‘Heavenly Blue’ is in its second year and has only just started to flower! I am also not sure how hardy it is as it surprised me in the spring when it started sprouting new leaves. So I cut one stem and left the other for the remaining insects to peruse. And we will see what it does next year. I gave it its own rosebud vase, to show it off best.

Beside it, for the other flowers, is a tiny porcelain blue vase (originally bought from a Christmas market for snowdrops, but I will probably never have enough in this garden to pick!)

I cut a few Geranium Rozanne flowers for this vase, to continue the blue theme, and found a single blue Campanula flower as well. The leaves are fresh Pulmonaria foliage.

The shorter days and chilly nights mean flowers are increasingly hard to find, but there are still enough for tiny posies now and then. The asters have gone over rather quickly in the last week or so. We haven’t had a frost yet, but night-time temperatures have often been hovering just above zero. It has been a gentle slide towards winter though, and I do even have some summer Pelargoniums in pots that are still flowering well. In November! 😆

I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday meme. Do go and visit her to see the brilliant idea she has had for her meme’s ninth anniversary next week, and also to take a look at the lovely flowers she picked to share this Monday. 😃

Have a great week!

45 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Heavenly Blue

  1. Aren’t blue flowers most compelling! Yours look lovely in the sunlight and the containers themselves are beautiful. The “gentle slide” toward winter is a real treat. Looking forward to Cathy’s anniversary.

  2. In the summer we have so much to choose from, but when there are so many fewer. such beauties that you have shown today are appreciated all the more. The pulmonaria leaves are a very nice addition.

  3. I wonder why blue flowers are always so enchanting? Probably because there are far fewer blues in the plant kingdom than other colours, I suppose – but it makes even these tiny vases adorable. I have a fairly young S Heavenly Blue and it flowered well early in the summer, but then oops! no, I didn’t!! 🤣 It was a penstemon, also Heavenly Blue…so forget that, it’s not relevant! Rozanne is such a long-flowering plant, isn’t it, although my plant is still not fully established. Thanks for your enthusiasm about next week – who knows what we will have available to pick for our posies…?

    • I am thinking ahead for the posy, so I have an idea of what to look for in the garden. Hoping the frost doesn’t come before then! I have a Cariopsis called Heavenly Blue, and there are probably a few other flowers with that name too. Yes, the absence of true blues makes them something special. Rozanne is probably the bluest of all my Geraniums so I am very pleased she is still producing a few flowers!

      • When I first saw your title, I was thinking of the Caryopteris – I have taken mine out now, but have taking some cuttings, although they are not looking happy! Incidentally, I notice my Persicaria ‘Blackfield’ yesterday and mine also has some quite chunky blooms, far more so than many other persicarias, so most of our previous conversation may now be redundant!!🤣

        • Oh yes, I meant Caryopteris of course. Not sure mine will survive as it only flowered very sparsely and has died back a lot. I’ll cover it with leaves for the winter and keep my fingers crossed!

  4. The Salvia is well named, Cathy. I adore Geranium ‘Rozanne’. It grew well in my former garden but it most definitely didn’t take to my current one.

  5. A lovely salvia! The best saved to the last. 🙂 I just picked a small bouquet of calendulas, which pleases me no end. We’ve had frosts, but they keep producing anyway. (I had cut them back hard in August, hoping they’d have a second flush.) They are my shining star on this November day. ✨

    • How lovely Eliza! I consider each flower a treasure so late in the season. Despite the full moon, it still didn’t go down to freezing point last night, so I am hoping we get another week of flowers. 😀

  6. Snap Cathy – we both have the lovely ‘Rozanne’ in our vases this week 😂 I just caught a glimpse of your ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post and that Californian poppy is a perfect companion for her. Your salvia is an equally stunning colour too and so well named.

  7. At first, the geraniums reminded me of ‘Heavenly Blue’ morning glory! Morning glory flowers are much larger of course. I do like the color though. Good blue without purple is rare.

    • Another comment said the same Tony. And I do see the similarity. Fortunately these are still flowering after severral days in the vase (picked on Sunday) which wouldn’t be the case with Morning Glories!

      • Oh?! I was not aware that morning glories were good cut flowers. They never performed well for me until they started growing a bit too well as weeds here. The flowers are not very wide though. I would like to grow the perennial sort, but do not want it to naturalize here where it can escape into the forest.

  8. Beautiful! I love the salvia, and you’ve reminded me that I still have some, too. I hadn’t thought of putting it in an arrangement. I will now. 🙂

    • I am often hesitant to put salvias in vase arrangements as they do sometimes smell quite strong. But this one doesn’t have much scent at all and I have a peachy one that smells of peaches, which is quite pleasant! 😀

    • This salvia hardly smells at all, thankfully. That’s the reason I do ‘t often cutvthem for vases. Hope all is well with you Amelia. Have missed your vases recently. 🦋

      • That is a blessing. I like the tropical red salvias scent. All is not quite well but getting better. Thanks for asking. Battening down for a hurricane today, believe it or not. Hurricane Nicole.

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