In a Vase on Monday: Ninth Anniversary!

It is now nine years since Cathy at Rambling in the Garden first invited fellow bloggers to join her and share a vase every Monday with materials from their gardens. What a great idea that was! Even though this was November – the onset of winter in the UK – it struck a chord with gardeners around the world and soon created a wonderful little community in the blogging world. And yesterday some of us even met up on zoom for the first time, which was lovely!

Cathy has set us a challenge to celebrate this anniversary: create a hand-tied posy.

I love a challenge. So I made my posy a few days early, as frosts had been forecast.

At the centre I used some Miscanthus ‘Red Chief’, my last red Gaillardia, some Persicaria ‘Blackfield’, a few deep red Cornus stems and the very last of the small sunflowers.

Around the edges are some common spurge, some geranium leaves turning lovely autumn colours, and a large hellebore leaf.

A couple of sprigs of Queen Anne’s Lace and the deep red Leucothoe add highlights.

I tied the posy with a piece of string, and then added a green ribbon, although it is hard to see on my photos, and got a bit soggy when I put the posy in a glass of water!

Saturday night/Sunday morning we had our first frost – it was only just below freezing, but was accompanied by a cold north-east wind. And yet Geranium ‘Rozanne’ was still flowering. Such an amazing plant. So I decided to make a second posy to celebrate that as well!

More Miscanthus ‘Red Chief’, red cornus stems and Chrysanthemum ‘Anastasia’ at the centre, with silvery Anaphalis triplinervis and the blue Rozanne flowers. Then four bronze Heuchera leaves around the edges, and a purple ribbon.

(By the way, I used Rozanne in last week’s vase, and it lasted extremely well.)

A huge thank you to Cathy, and to all the others who join in every Monday as well as all those who write comments. This meme has made Mondays so much more enjoyable and I look forward to visiting everyone’s posts, even if it is sometimes a day or two later. You and your gardens are all wonderful!


47 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Ninth Anniversary!

  1. They’re both absolutely gorgeous, Cathy. The red Gaillardia is particularly nice and I like the red Geranium foliage too. No frost here yet which is good as the summer containers still look too good to go. It was great to see you last night. Wishing you both and Anouk a good week 😘

    • We had another frost last night, but I also still have some summer pots near the house that look quite good. 😃 Sunny and 13°C in the daytime , but rain forecast, which is actually quite welcome. Have a good week Annette! 🤗

  2. Red Chief is so striking and I hope mine does as well as yours seems to do, Cathy. Both posies are lovely and demonstrate so well how we can make them from the bare remnants of our gardens – I know it has made me more observant. Seeing your lovely pink chrysanth makes me wish I could tolerate the long wait!

  3. Both posies are wonderful, Cathy. I especially love the Miscanthus grass and the vibrant flowers in the first arrangement. It was good to see you in person at last, if only virtually.

    • Thanks Kris. The Gaillardia is still flowering, after two frosts now. But rain is forecast tomorrow and I think everything will start to collapse in the damp and cold now. It has been such a great autumn so I can’t complain! 😃

  4. Oh I’ve made a note of the name of your miscanthus Cathy – a beauty! The red and gold colours positively glow. You have also given me food for thought as I’m now wondering whether leucothoe might be the mystery plant in my vase this week. Your second posy is so pretty and that exquisite ribbon is one of my favourite colours. Interested to hear that ‘Rozanne’ lasted so well for you. Mine was a bit bedraggled when picked for last week’s vase so it didn’t linger long but I will definitely snip her again next year.

    • You are right, your plant could be Leucothoe. I had a look at mine again today and it is very similar! I only discovered this plant recently, after being tempted by an autumn display at the garden centre. I am hoping it will be completely hardy here. 🙄 Gogreous colours for now though. 😃

  5. The Miscanthus gives both the bouquets that special pizzaz for a celebratory arrangement, and that delightful ribbon is a choice addition. It was lovely meeting you and I look forward to doing such a get together again. Enjoy your week.

    • Thank you Noelle – Miscanthus is always nice for a sparkly look, and this red one is lovely. Realized today I have another reddish one flowering called Gracillimus. 😃

  6. Beautiful flowers. We had some frost here too, but I was able to put together the bouquet early also. I will have slim pickings from now on if I want to take part. I will have to do a bit of woods walking perhaps.

    • Thanks! Yes, it does get tricky finding things in winter, but I do always feel so good if I do find something, even if it is just one flower or a few berries! 😃

  7. Both of your bunches are gorgeous, Cathy. I love how the red of the geranium leaves echo the other reds in your first arrangement. So much colour from foliage and seed heads. Sorry to miss you on zoom, the time difference meant that it was about 3am here – a bit early for me 🙂

  8. Your posy is so bright and cheery! Miscanthus ‘Red Chief’ is impossible not to love! So enjoyed seeing you on Sunday Cathy. You are one of the very first people who commented on my nascent blog. So glad to have met you!

      • We were so lucky to have had such lovely weather on our trip to Germany this year. While I know you needed rain we only had a drizzle one morning and that was in Röhrnbach the day before we headed back to fly out of Munich. Otherwise, the weather was perfect. Now I’ll be following along and hopefully your area will get its needed moisture gradually over the course of the winter without too many storms.

        • Thank you Karen. A snowy winter would be good, but we will settle for rain too. 😉 Look forward to hearing more about the rest of your stops in Germany.

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