A Week of Flowers 2022: Day Three

Time is whizzing by this week as a whirlwind of flowers colours my days! Yes, it is already Day Three of my third annual Week of Flowers, where I invite you to join me in sharing a photo of flowers from your 2022 garden over a whole week. I started this in 2020 when I was feeling low after our little doggie Gina died mid November and it really helped to cheer me up. You can post just one of the days or each day, (with any number of flowers you like, but one is just fine!😉) up to Tuesday December 6th. But do leave a link in the comments so that we can all see what you have found to share. 😃

I am going to start off this morning with a reminder of some golden summer glory.

(Gaillardia, Heliopsis and Helianthus)

And below, the only Dahlia I managed to grow this year: ‘Firepot’. It didn’t produce more than three or four flowers, but was so pretty.

And to close for today, a flower that is blooming right now – a little early but very welcome in my winter garden. Hellebore Ice ‘n’ Roses ‘Early Rose’.

Thanks to all and have a wonderful Wednesday. (And see you tomorrow….😉)


48 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers 2022: Day Three

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    • Thanks Rosie. I do have some hellebore that typically start flowering around Christmas if it isn’t too cold. But then I had one flowering in the heatwave in July, so…. ???! 🤪

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    • Gold is so cheerful, and I suppose it is because it is the colour of the sun that we all react to it in the same way. Interesting about the way buttercups trap light. Plants are just so clever!

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    • I often have some hellebores flowering before Christmas, but it is so cold now I think the others will remain in tight bud for a while yet. It is snowing/sleeting today, so all these flowery posts are working wonders! 😃👍

    • 😃 I saw a blog with lots of gorgeous hellebores last winter and immediately went on an online spending spree! 😉LOL! This Ice ‘n’ Roses series is excellent and I have a couple of other shades too.

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