A Week of Flowers 2022: Day Six/In a Vase on Monday

Only two days remain of my Week of Flowers, where I invite you to join me with floral posts to cheer up the winter days and warm us all up a bit! So I will make the most of today and tomorrow and pack as many flowers into my posts as time allows!

Let’s start with a few peonies today. Firstly  the Itoh Peony ‘Shining Light’. I waited several years for this one to flower but it is now well-established and produced lots of flowers this summer!

Shining Light

This next one is Jan van Leeuwen, a lovely creamy white with a buttery yellow centre.

Jan van Leeuwen

This delicate pink one is Dancing Butterflies…

Dancing Butterflies

One of the best for fragrance, Sarah Bernhardt…

Sarah Bernhardt

And the cuckoo in the blue and white Moon Bed is this bright red one: Cuckoo’s Nest…

Cuckoo’s Nest

Well, today is a Monday, so I am also linking in to the wonderful In a Vase on Monday meme which is hosted by (another) Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. Cathy invites us to share flowers from our gardens in a vase each week. And since my garden is pretty much frozen at the moment I will share a few vases from the past year instead. I hope I will be forgiven for cheating today! As always, many thanks to Cathy for hosting.😃

Just choosing these photos has been uplifting and refreshing and I am already thinking of the gardening year to come!

One more day of my Week of Flowers tomorrow, so if you haven’t joined in yet, please do! Just post a flower or two from your 2022 garden and leave us a link below. Thanks to all and have a great Monday!

40 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers 2022: Day Six/In a Vase on Monday

    • I think it was the name that made me choose it, as I have Gaura ‘Whirling Butterflies’ in that bed too! (Choosing peonies is so difficult as they are all so pretty! 😉)

  1. I suffer from severe peony envy 😉 I’m hoping to join in on your last day of A Week in Flowers if I can get my act together. December is a crazy month!

    • I have another two which I clearly didn’t get any good photos of. Must remedy that next year. When I look back at my vases I find it hard to believe I had all those flowers! Linda gave me a good idea – she made a book of photos of her vases and I thought I could make a calendar of them next year. I will need to bear that in mind when taking my photos. 😃

      • You may not remember that at the end of the first year of IAVOM I put together a photo book of all my vases and gave away a copy in a draw. I don’t know how you organise your photos but my IAVOM ones are in monthly folders, to make it easier to check back if I need to. You are right though, it is a revelation looking back as with weekly vases it is so easy to forget some of them – which can be a pleasant shock!

  2. Oh the peonies are breathtaking Cathy and I imagine that there is scent too. I don’t think that I could resist ‘Shining Light’ or ‘Cuckoos Nest’ if I came across them. Love the names too 😂 My post for today is here : https://greentapestry.blogspot.com/2022/12/a-week-in-flowers-2022-day-6.html
    I apologise Cathy but Blogger continues to be temperamental and I’m unable to copy and paste the direct link again. Thanks for changing it yesterday xxx

    • Thanks Anna! Yes, there is scent but none of them as powerfully scented as the Festiva maxima I had in my old garden… Maybe I can find room for just one more. 😉

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  5. Oh goodness, I missed Monday, which was tomorrow at this time, but was yesterday from now. Actually, it was day before yesterday because it is a few minutes past midnight on Wednesday morning. I should not work so late or early. Oh, I am confused.

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